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Monday, November 15, 2010


It's already November


After his birthday celebration,

The attitude he treat me is changing good by very obviously

Guess what??:)

After he gift me the flower,

Few more days after that


He COOK for me..xD

He did make a lunch for me few on last thursday


It's very sweet la..xD

But good things never last long izit?



You like to hang off my phone and treat me cool just like before again



May be you are busy or what la..

I dun wanna care again..

It just making me more hurt


Last night, I went for a wedding dinner with my parents

MY dad keep asking me to drink


I drink 3 glasses of wine and 6 glasses of whisky



Finally I get drunk!

when I reach home..

I keep on vomit in the toilet


and I did call you..

But very soon

Hanging off again?!


There's many things happened again recently izit?

I dunno how can I handle all of it but I will still try my best to did it

bless me


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