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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

End of May

It's the end of May
Tomorrow morning you're leaving to US ..
I will keep our promise.. :)


知道自己的英文不是很好,但是就是要充充胖子一下,之前都是用英语写部落格,为的,就只是让他明白我写的东西,还有让自己的英语写作能力加强。在他出现在我的生活里的那一刻开始,我变得开朗了,也懂得无缘无故发出令人感到毛骨悚然的幸福傻笑…… 哈哈,旁人见到还真的想揍我一顿叻!

You light up my life remember?


120 天的考验

This is my Dom Dom..haha..x) I smile because of you, you make me smile..x)
I will wait you come back to me, and bring me for vacation again..x)


Happy 20th Birthday to you zhu..:)
Love you!

Monday, May 30, 2011

My Birthday Celebration

29th May 2011, my 20th Birthday Celebration.
I snap this pic when I get my 1st birthday present from my College Jie Mui- Michelle, Grace and Beryl Babe..
I really appreciate it..Thanks girls :D


On 28th May night, I still count down my birthday in my room..
I using my phone to on facebook, checking who did wish for my birthday..
Ngam Ngam 12am that time..29th May! He's the first one who wish me for my birthday..
:D hehe~
Thank you dear..I LOVE YOU too!!!
Then I use my phone to online again! 15 mins already over 40++ ppls wish me on my wall..x)
Then My phone was ringing..
Bernard, is the first one who call me..x) But too bad, that time the line was sucks!
Thanks Ber..:D
Yi, my beloved jie mui is the second one call me..x) hehe..Thanks dear..I LOVE YOU!

Then sms is coming from both of my phone..Thanks to u all..:D
I really appreciate it!

Early in the morning, me and my beloved boy boy are going Genting after breakfast..:)
Hehe..He's looking good with the spec..x)
After a long long journey, finally we reach Genting..=.=
I very scared when the agent told me there's no record for my room booking..
But finally we get our room..Lolz..
Before that~
We go and meet with my Grace babe la..:D

Tada~~This's Babe Grace nephew, Hong Yu..:)
He's damn cute la..x)
This pic is snapped by me, and Grace is carrying him..:D
hehe..I did hug Ah B for awhile as well~x)
Haha..He's about to cry when he saw my Mr.C face..hehe..
And when Mr.C carrying Ah B, washeee...xD very sweet lorr~xD
He really suit to be a DADDY leh..haha..


After that we went to starbucks to online awhile and wait for the agent call..
After that we spend around 2 hours to wait for our room..
We saw many lalazai and leng lui there..:D
I still remember the very sexy girl dress up with the sexy blue shirt one..:D
And the funny Mr.Bean on the TV..:)

This is me
I wearing his jacket..:)
And snap this picture with his phone..

Before we going for dinner and hanging around, we snap this picture with my cambbie
I like this pic la..x)
Both of us wearing WHITE again!
White is our color hor?
Everytime when we wanna match the color also white one..


We hanging around to the cable car there and going back to first world there for dinner
After dinner than we hanging around again~
Bii did bought me a ring for my birthday..and also two cute little bear with apple
Yellow= Him Brown=Me?
His skin is really good lor!
Natural Olay and SKII skin?xD

After that we go Ripleys again~
I like to go Ripleys la~
There're so many special things inside!
And this time I going in with someone special somemore!

Look at us!! damn fat!
Fatty Mun and Fatty Shen~

And actually we did make the shadow snap inside, with the pose of a huge LOVE from both of us..But too dark already..can't take pics at all..T^T
But I did save it in my memory..
Thank you Bii..
It's really a special Birthday Present!


And there's somemore special things
He bring me to a place, can see the whole KL view..
Those street lights shining below there..Looks like diamond!
It's really beautiful..Thanks dear..:D

Then we go pak to under a pondok and across the love bridge

Err..may be my imagination too good already..haha..

Tada~~I'm making my birthday wish in this picture~
Hehe~He did sing a birthday song for me..:)
Thanks Dear..

Tada~he's making his birthday wish in this picture~
Actually it's our birthday celebration..
.Me and him.

It's really a special birthday for me Bii..
Thank You
I hope you enjoy it..
And sorry for my plan..=.= really sucks..T^T
Make u can't rest well..
Pai seh..

Two more days you're leaving to US..
I will wait you to come back..
121 days..:D
It's our promise..
I won't let you go
I'll miss you always..

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Guys become mature Because of Girls

The puppy Love, The First one..
He doesn't know everything..
He did wrote some love letters for you,
Affraid to buy flowers for you,
Affaird to call you in the public..

First Time holding youre hand..He did plan it and consider for two days..Before he take action, he did hesitate for half an hour..
First Time he said I LOVE YOU..HIs face is Blush, and his body is tremble..
First time he Kiss you, He scared you will afraid about what he did..He will ask for your permission...
When both of you are together and have nothing to do with, he will only look on you with his silly face..And will just smile with no reason..
When you ask him who's the onw you love tthe most?
He won't lie to you..He will just answer: My Mum..:)
When you ask: Will you marry with me in the future?
He will get stun and tell you: I never think about this question before..@.@


The Second one..Girlfriend?
He will buy flowers for you, treat your roommate for a meal, be freind with your friends..
He will said I Love You, by holding your hand, run to the waterfall in the center of your school, hugging you in that romantic moment...HE GET YOU!
When the time you said yes to him..He will kiss you..
He said: GF should help her BF wash cloths, and do take care of his daily life needed..:)
When the time you ask him: Who's the one you love the most?
He will think for awhile..
And answer: You..
You ask: Do we have future?
He answer: Do you willing to go my hometown with me?
Sometimes...He will still remember his ex..
He will said..That time I still young..I know nothing..


The Third one.. Girlfriend?
He will said: Although I have nothing..But I have a heart which Love you.. Please turst me..We will be happiness..
So~~Both of you going to a strange city and stay together..
To save money, both of you rent a small house with a very simple kitchen and toilet..
Every single morning you will woke more earlier than him, prepare breakfast for him then only you go for work..
After work, you will buy something to cook for him on the way you going home..
He said: Having you, I'm the most HAPPINESS man in this world..
Occasionally, he will wash the plates, mop the floor and wash the cloths..
He said: Let's get married when we have enough saving.. :)
His mother come over and help yours to change the bed sheet..
She said: The house must be clean always, only can live with comfort..
You follow him back to his hometown..
He said: My dad said you not that pretty compare with my first GF..


The Fourth one..Girlfriend?
He said: I felt comfort when I be with you..
On the night he send you home, he stay over night at your place.
He know how to take care of you, and always give consideration on you..
He always know what does a women need, what they like to listen and what they like..
Before you ask something form him, he already give you the surprice..
He will buy junk food for you, will make supper for you..
The thing you look aver 3 times, he will buy for you on the second day..
When he buying a house, he will write your name on the owner column..
When his mother saw you, she will said: Both of you getting older already! Let's get married!
You will felt that you're happiness and accept his ring..
One day, when you stalking his computer, you will saw his love letter for his ex-gf..
By telling yours story, and he will said: These are all of the things I wanna do for you..But I dunno how to do and don't have the qualification..


All of us hope to have the other half of us is gentle and thoughfulness..
But there's no man will know how to take care of a women once they born..
Most of the good man, are trained by women..
So..When the time we having a good man beside us, we should know that we are enjoying the things given by the last girl did..
May be...In every man's heart, there will have a person they can't forget..
This time..Don't get jealous, and don't try to destroy it..
Because..In every single life of a people, they should have something good with them...
Just like us..There might have some man will think of us as well..
Allow your man to have a shadow in his heart..But it's just a shadow!
No worries for that shadow will effect your appearance now..
Belive that memories is good..
And you should know that tomorrow will be more beautiful..x)



Saturday, May 21, 2011

Birthday is COMING

This Birthday card is from Joanne Chuah, my beloved sis..:) Hahas..She did send me one Birthday card as well last year~I really appreciate it dear, THANK YOU!! :)

I hope can get a new wallet for myself on my birthday..As a present for myself la..I never buy a present for myself on my birthday! Hahas..I online search for coach wallet..I think I still can affort it..But have to get my salary first! May be after my birthday I will buy one..:) Or should I buy android phone? Or should I save money first??=,= Grrr..Better to buy nothing now la.. I should save money first..

Today, I very bored! But I think I should start study huh? Tomorrow morning 10.30am have to go for facial..Or should I go back to GK? or Monday? or I should pack my things first? These problem is always annoying me..:( I am emo again..  I'm alone in my home now..T^T

This post is just want to exercise my fingers la..Cz I felt like want type something, then I can have something to do..:)

I did edit my blog layout! Did you guys mention it? Haha..I looking for those counter and emoticon..=.= Cz I am bored..=.=

Start from monday, I think I wil be busy again! I will fight for this sem, I want to graduate! I need to do something! I will work hard for my assignment and my exam! yay! I say it, I mean it!


Time passed so fast.. It's already 21 of may now..10 more days, he's leaving M'sia to US..Then I have to wait for 121 days! I will learn to be patient! :) Muahaha~
My Birthday is just in the corner..I already get my best birthday present..x) That is the one I love..Haha..

20 years old, I become mature..
20 years old, I found the people who can actually make me smile..
20 years old, I meet the one who can give me happiness..
20 years old, I getting older..
20 years old, am I still a teenager?

No more childish..I did learn many things from my past..
I am growing up...:)
Time to put a full stop to my past, and time to start a new paragraph for my life..
With my guardian..
Walking to our new journey..

A Great Great Night

Wee~My BIG BIG face pic~ Snapped by my cambbie~:)
I going to celebrate the 520 with my beloved boy boy~haha..:P
Before 9pm, he come and fetch me already~
You're so sweet! X) Haha..Both of us wearing white.. We going to watch the movie Fast Five!
When we reach the cinema...=.= GG many people there! And most of the tickets sold OUT! The new showing movie Pirates of the Caribbean is making those people crazy! Almost all of the show is full house! OMG! =.=
Our Fast 5 also..=.= We have no choice but to watch the 12.30am show..Haha..x) We have 3 hours free time, nothing to do..Then we walking around in MV la.

We looking for Starbucks~:) Hiak Hiak~

This's my boss~:) We're drinking my favourite Green Tea..x) He's stealing my picture to his phone..Lolz..x) Then I did the same as well la~:) I curi curi snap his pic..SO LENG ZAI..haha..x)
We spend around an hour there, then we walking around again~Then he bring me to a place, which is very very suit for couple pak to one..x) haha.. We sit there and chat chat chat~ Planning what to do on next week~He's so so so so so so so  busy! >,<''


Around 12 something, we going up for movie lu~

''This, is BRAZIL''
Haha..This the dialogue which speaken by Dom in this scence with this pose! This movie really great! Their shooting skill..The angle they make...Washe!!! But there's one thing which looks more nicer than this movie..The person sit beside me...Haha...I keep on kap him when the movie is showing...x) But the show really great! I will watch it again..x) Haha..

I really appreciate it..Watching our first movie, which the movie I like...With the person I love..:)

The show end around 3am something..When I'm home it's around 4am le..SO LATE! I skip my class this morning..=.= Can't awake.. T^T

That's my day..Our day ❤

Friday, May 20, 2011


Today is 20th May..In chinese, 20/5= 520= wo ai ni= I Love You ..:)
So, it's a special day which hidding the special meaning..:) One year ago, I am alone..Passing this special day..520 without any wishes..And it's a hard tough year for me on 2010..Next sunday, I am officially 20 y/o already.. I getting older, and getting mature..Today..20/5/2011, I=Eris Chew Mun , is having my brand new life, I get my happiness that someone give me.. And he's my guardian and also my man now..:) I would like to say..I Love You dear..

It's a long long journey, till I know where am I supposed to be..It's a long long journey, and I dunno if I can believe, when shadows falls and block my eyes, I am know that I must hide..I know I will falter I know I will cry, I know you will be standing by my side..Sometimes it feels no ones understand, I don't even know why I do the things I do.. But you're here for me now..You did step into my life and light up my life..

I did appreciate all my people who step into my life, my friends and family..And the special one..Everyone are different, no one can replace each of urs in my heart.. I Love all of you..:)
Happy 520..
Wish you can get your happiness, smile, and put down all those hate, put ur view wider..

Today, I will will spend it with my lovely BF..:)
Happy 520 to the world!
Let's share the love and happiness to all the people you knew..:D

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Work or don't?!

Today I woke around 11am like that, then very excited because I think I going to get a new part-time job soon..Then around 3pm, I went to Old Town there meet with Fung Fung and Boey..When I saw the Amway thingy, I already say no to them! But after I heard what they said, I think it's okay la...Online workshop...And last time my friend work for it that time he failed! =.= I try my best la.. Success or not it's still unknown...I will TRY...=.=

My mum scold me ahhh...But at last she also said I happy then ok already..And I will try to work for it..Find more part-time job, earn more! And I will use my salary on a right way de la..=.=
Don't talk about the bad on this job to me..><'' I know what is happening..And I know how hard to work on it...I have my style..I can just leave it if I don't want..Right? But..ya..I will still TRY..=.=

Waitress? I hate to be waitress already..=.=
Singer? Pressure la..T^T
Typist? The company is gone..x)
Promoter? Tired but can get good salary..:)
What else? haha..x)
Get marry and no need work lorr~~x)

Today is my Birthday..For chinese calendar one la.. :)
Officially 20 y/o already? Hmm..

I think I need some rest..My brain is tired..I am tired..For what?
I think many things recently la...x) cz I'm poor!! I need my salary badly!
Those who owe me money one..Please la..=.=

I should be happy! Smile!
Work = income
No work = no income

I will work hard for my life! Chase for my own happiness..:)

This FRIDAY!! :)
Movie time.. :)
Looking forward on the day that you love me..

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wesak Day

Today is Wesak day~Early in the morning I waken by my mum..8am!! GG...hahas..

Me and my parents going to the temple located at Pudu there..:)

So many people la..x)

I'm so sleepy and tired...=.= I want go for blood donation one..But my glucose is low, so cannot donate..I should wait for my college blood donation campaign?

=.= Then my finger putih putih punch jor a hole..haha..x)


After breakfast then we go Pudu pasar there, washe!! The pasar is smelly and the road is wet..Those selling fish and chicken one..=.= And there're many people there..><'' So hard to buy things la..So I said: 'Woman is pasar is SEXY! and I'm sexy...' Lolz..xD Woman go pasar to buy staff for their family, everyday going this kind of places, cook for family..So san fu..=.= It's hot! It's smelly! But now my mum is going those shopping complex now la..Haha.. better than last time la..Now opposite my house there have a trade city some more..More convenient ah..Haha..Air-condition supply, trolley supply, and those staff are fresh~x) Recently my mum like to ask me :' Ah Mun ah, want go NSK with me?x) I want buy wat wat wat ahhh..' Haha..She really like to go there..x)

For me..If I wanna do something for my family and the one I love..You want me go Pasar everyday I also OK ah! Haha..x) Woman are brilliant! Haha..x)


I'm sleepy right now..

Just want to post a short short post, then napping time..x)



Monday, May 16, 2011

Sleepy mood ON

Today..Early morning I take LRT to college..Cz tomorrow is Wesak day~And I have no class on wed..So I going back to my hometown again..Lolz..Recently It's very danger at Genting Kelang area there la!! Got two crazy indian guys splash acids to people! And my hostel there no one home..So I better go home ba? :D hahas... Actually I born a day after Wesak day..According to the chinese calendar, my birthday is on this wednesday..haha..x) Well~

I not enough sleep ahhh!! Felt sleepy and tired all day long! Early morning..The class was bored! The tutor like talking with no confident, and I dunno what is she talking about..So hard to get her point..=.= May be not enough sleep gua..=.=

After first class, me and Beryl babe go canteen 2 there..Washe!!! FULL OF FRESHIE!! No place to eat...Then we heading to cafeteria..After brunch, we go pondok behind block v there chat and sleep..:) SO SLEEPY!! =.=

1pm..We go for translation class...We need to translate BM into BI..washe!! SO HARD!! haha..x) I think I should blog in BM some times liao~x) Bahasa Melayu saya tak baik, saya ingin guna bahasa melayu untuk menulis blog saya, saya nak improve bahasa melayu saya..Lolz..But exam time can bring in 6 dictionary maximum..x) haha..but still have to do more reading..=.= Have to read malay newspaper already..No more chinese and eng?=.= muahaha~ Killing me..x)

Then I go KL central after class la~:) Grrr..the counter aunty so unfriendly! No customer also dun wan serve me nicely! Hello! ...

Then I go home la~Then I make burger as my lunch..:)

Haha..Burger...My Mr.Burger...


Linkin Park! Their songs are ROCK! Nice band la..:)

Hmm~I found out that many of my friends know this band as well..But I know their songs but dunno them..OMG...I am too outdated..T^T

Muahaha~~But I know them from now jor, hope it's not that late la~:)

Raping, Singing, Instrumental..Awesome..:)


Have to rest well le~Assignment..


My busy life is gonna begin soon..>,<''

Sunday, May 15, 2011


I am weird..My life is very dramatic..Sometimes I really dunno what to do when I face those problem. You can said that I am useless, but it won't last forever! I have my good..Although I am not that pretty but still consider as ok; although I am fat but still consider as ok; although I can't sing like a professional singer but I still consider as ok; although I not that clever but I still can read,write,speak and study normal! I can't fight like you, I don't like to quarrel with people, I don't like people talk about me.. I just want to live in peace.. Don't make my life more complicated can? I have my own life..I just want to have a normal life..Don't mess up with me again please..I will try to handle all of it..

Many unhappy things happened to me in past few months..But I have my life now..I can smile like before, enjoy my life like before..I have someone light up my life, pull me from the darkside of myself..Dear, please trust me..I really love you..I know you will read my blog..But I really okay! really..Just want you to know that...I akhem akhem you..:)

May be I not enough sleep, so I got a little bit tired..but I also felt like wanna say these things out..Many words appear in my mind..I have no one to tell..Because it's not important..So I write it out..

Is it an emo post?=.= I also tak tau..

But I just tired la..Not enough sleep..

No one is perfect in this world..Don't expect too high, and I am not that bad!

Love is all about trust, if you lost confident with your partner, it's over..

Confidence..Is from your partner, you have to let your love to trust every single word you tell..

And what you tell, I will trust..


Light up My life




Today is the 1st date for me and my dear..

So excited!

Hahas..I woke so early and get prepared..Although I just dress up normal..But really take lots of time to get prepare lo..x)

After I done prepared then I wait for my dear to fetch me for lunch~SO HUNGRY..x)

Around 1pm like that my dear reach jor, then we go STATION 1 for lunch~

This's my boss and me la~x)


Leng mou?x)

Washe!!The fish fillet rich I order ar, like eating stone ohhhh...=3=



But still happy la~No matter where we go, I just want to to stay with me..You bring the happiness to me, you light up my life..x)

After that~

We go somewhere la~To take pics..:)


One of our group photo~

It's the 1st time we took pics together..❤


Tada~My dear holding my hand while driving~:)


Dating around 6 hours~


Thank you dear for giving me such a good memories with you..


After home...Time for second round?:P

I hanging out with my Jie Muisss~

And he hanging out with his heng daiiii~



1st Station---> SweetHut~

Something special happened...

Ah Ling!! x)

Haha, she went to the shop beside...The tim bun gor gor there..x)

Step into the wrong location..Very yu lor~x)

Me,Yi,Kuan,Ling,and Kar Chi~X)


Too bad just few of us going, cz we suddenly only decide came out..

Cz something happened one day before that..


Then suddenly only they got their transport, then only we can hang out..><''

Hope next time gathering will have more people can attened la..

After drink, we suddenly decide to sing k at E-box there..

Cz Kar Chi is working there, so we have special discount..:)

Second Station---> E-Box!!

So~~This is Kar Chi, Me and Ling..From left to right

Boleh tengok tak??X)

And me with Ling~:)

Looks like promoter girl hor?

Promoting those beer one..x)

Guess what are we drinking??:P

Ling really looks like Linda Chung lorr..=3=~


It's been a loooooong time I didn't sing K already...

I was like having my own concert when I singing...


Shuang ahhhh...x)

But Yi have to go back earlier..><''

Next time have to sing lao po with her again..:)


Cassidy Tan..:)

Thank you..:)


Dear I LOVE you..