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Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Oct

Couple Shirt
Me & Bee Bee
Sweet la..:D
His Birthday

My October

It's a sweet and hard month for me

There's many things happened in this month

I did working everyday in this month with my study

It made me tired


There's a special day in this month


That's my Bee Bee Birthday la~~


I did prepare so many for this day coming


I did go for work to earn money

so I can celebrate with him :D

hiak hiak~

I did also make a gift for him~

It spend so much of time to finish it la man



Hope you can like it la Bee

And also the tee shirt I bought for you



My leg get injured


Damn pain lor..=.=

what's next?



I bought two flying squarrel la~


Very cute la~


This is the flower My Bee Bee Bought for me one

My 1st flower in My life
Thank you Bee Bee
I dunno wat can I write anymore
lazy to blog


Anything can view my Facebook profile

I have a link to my wretch blog

I did blog there just now la

That's why I have nothing to tell here jor..


by the way

I will still continue to blog here la


I love Hue Jiunn Jye

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