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Thursday, March 31, 2011

End of March!


It's the last day of March~

Time passed fast?

I guess so

There are many bad things happened in this month

Early in this month, I cried a lot

Many unhappier things happened to me

Friendship, Relationship, Studies

But now I already get used to it

My sugar glider--Pit Pit born a new babe~

I Become grandma already lolz..


Last night I sleep late

Because I waiting you to get home

I know you tired on your work

Hope you can rest well and take good care of yourself

Recently I hard to sleep long



It's a very hard problem that I facing

Sleep can made the time pass faster and can escape from the real world

It's sounds so familiar right?

The movie- Inception


I love that movie~

People can escape from the real world, dream about what they want

Escape from the real world, Dream Have Dream

They can change some people minded, found the evil inside their mind

There's another nice movie I would Like to intro

Black Swan

Natalie Portman is the main character in this movie

The story is about a balletdancer can't control herself by keep on falling into the character she act

At last she get crazy

The performing skill of Natalie Portman is awesome

She can really bring out what the character actually was

It's not easy




Both movie was about the character was escaping from the real world

And falling to their own perfect world


Can I also be like that?


Thank you

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Grandma Birthday

Last night, Our family celebrate my grandma Birthday

Happy Birthday ya Grandma~

Love you so much

Wish you growing healthy and happiness

This pic is my Grandma and Grandpa

SO sweet right?


I'm The photographer~xD

Oh yeah~

I love this picture so much~

My grandpa and grandma married for long time already and now having their grandchildren and their children around them

They kiss in front of us eh~

I really can feel their happiness at that moment

Hope I can get mine one soon la~


This is my family~

My sisters and my parents

I Love this picture so much

I love my family

This is my sister and her husband~:D

I like this picture so I post it out la..


This is my sister as well

I like this picture as well, thats why i post it out..


I found out that she looking good through the lens

Next time sure I will take more of her pictures one.





I really enjoyed last night

It's really fun

All relatives gather together, eat and play

My mum did told me something after I get home

She said when my grandma and grandpa married, they are alone

But now, they having their family

With their child and grandchild together

And they are very happiness now

Because all of us respecting and love them

I was just thinking that when only I can get married and find my own happiness?


I did many wrong things and also decisions that made me regret so much

But what to do?

people always did wrong

But what if you can forgive them and accept them if they change it?

I really did grown up in this one year time


can say so

Hope you can use a wider angle to watch me and this world

I am not that kind of shit


Saturday, March 26, 2011

year of 2011

It's been a long time again right?
There are so many things happened for me in this short period
Everything become normal now
Because I already been used to it
My complicated relationship, I found out that I really can't accept anyother one
So please, don't come after my right now, I can't accept you guys right now
I will stand for this situation until the year of 2013
Because the end of the world might coming at the end of 2012 what~
So~If it's not coming then I should really start a new life again
But also may be, there is a miracle will occur before that
I still waiting for it
But not that much hope again, since I dissapointed for so long already
My messy 'Friendship'
Keep on get bullied by a gang of people
I dislike you guys

This's my new style
Before and after hair cut
So hard to take care of short hair for me..
I miss my Long hair
Hope my hair will grow faster
And I did dye my hair last night..:D
I working at a Bakkwa shop before CNY
working that time so hard to pass my time, but at last it's fun memory
Happy with that
CNY is here
I not so happy with this month
I cry a lot
for many things
the messed month I ever had before
I already used to it now
Found my way?
and know what to do?
But also a salty begining for me
I betrayed by someone
She is one of my friend I trusted the most, but what she dne for me
I won't blame you, because you are the one who lost me
You will know how the taste of getting betrayed by people someday
Thanks for trusting me HJ^2
My final is in the corner
Hope I can pass it safe and graduate faster..
You too HJ^2
I hope you can get your happiness
I hope you can be happy always
And good luck and all the best for ur exam.