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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Today is Father's Day
Dad, I Love You..












Friday, June 17, 2011

Stress enough

Week 6 is going to end and Week 7 is starting
Assignments due date is just in the corner, some just done half, some haven't start yet and some done..But have the other things to do..I have 4 subject in this semester..IR, Media Ethnic, Translation and Ads for E-media..IR final exam fail rate is 40%, and Media Ethnic fail rate is 35-40%..Final exam will start 7 weeks later, and I going to have my convo on sept..Phew!!
Assignment and Presentation
Hope I can handle well


Yesterday I going babe Grace house there in the morning to do assignment and today as well
Early in the morning I woke up and webcam with my love..:)
It's the only energy that support me..x)
He make me smile and cheer me up..Just like my fuel..x) He light up my life..

My Thursday class is full and busy! After 12-2pm class have to rush for translation class and have to print out the production report every thursday before the Ads class on 4pm..After translation class form 2-3pm have to rush to cafeteria ro have discussion and preparation for Ads class and IR class from 4-7pm..Non-stop rushing..Every thursday also doing the same thing.. Really felt tired about that..

When end the class, I did take LRT back to Kuchai..x)
Mummy did cook for me..x)
So touch and happy..
But too bad..The internet connection sucks!! My lappie sucks!! I can't connect to internet last night!! CANNOT WEB CAM!! made me emo..=.= grrr..

But then this morning I curi curi use my sister lappie to on MSN..x)
When my mum saw me on the lappie..she said: WA!! why so hardworking to do ur assignment?
Actually I just chatting with my love instead of doing assignment..x)
x) It's only 7am like that when I cambbie with my love

Then I going babe Grace there to do assignment la..:D

I take this picture when I get home..Which is around 5.30pm today..x)
This is how I looks like recently..x)
My nerdy look! haha..x)
I go college with this appearance...X)
Not ugly but cute..x)
I like this look..But dunno why the other people always keep their eyes on me..
Am I that weird for them?

Three days no gym for me already..
I'm so fat..=.=
And I have A&W as my lunch some more with my Jie Muiss..=.=
All of us become fatter and fatter already..xD

When the time I going home, my dad did pick me up on LRT station
We went back to our old house and I did help my dad to bought something..
After that I go and da pao fried chicken..-.-
haha...OILY!! FAT!!
But it's really delicious and I think I didn't eat this more than 10 years already..
Bii, next time I bring you to eat when you back..:P


Will start fighting for my study again later...
I have to work hard
Study hard
For my future..:)


Dear my Mr.C

I really felt glad to have you as my love..

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jie Muisss' Day

Today is Wed..I have no class for today..
And I hang out with my college Jie Muisss today..
We plan to shopping together for so long already but too busy with our assignments and class replacement on the past few weeks..Finally today free..:)
But start from tomorrow again..BUSY!!
Have to discuss for our Media Ethnic assignment tomorrow morning..9am have to reach Grace place to discuss and next week have to done with my International Relations assignment..I not even start that assignment yet..GOSH!! Later have to do the treatment for my TV commercial..And wanna do some research for the tutorial class tomorrow..=.= So many things have to do..:(
Actually I type these just want to remind myself..what I need to do later..x)) hahas..
So just ignore that..

This morning, I woke on 7.30am..
I have to wake up early to prepare for today..Cz I want to take many many pictures for him..
I did snap many pictures after I put on my lens and some basic make up..
Make up jor = Didn't make up
Not much different at all
I did change 5 shirts before I go..x)

The 1st one is singlet..Blue one..
2nd one is black singlet..
3rd one is purple one..
Then I change to Mc Donald Tee shirt again..x)
Which is the one I wearing in this picture..x)
Then I change again..

Finally I pick this lala shirt
Really looks like a seafood..
I bought this shirt when I form 4..high school..
Long time didn't wear this shirt already..So I wear this..
Damn hot!!
After decide what to wear..Then I go public bank there meet with Beryl babe..
She curi makan maggie goreng..><''
All of us haven't eat but she eat first..=.=
so sui..Lolz..

Then I go bank with her then Michelle Babe drive to GK and meet with us..
I'm so rich today..

After that we go to meet with Grace babe..
She is LATE
We lepak at her house there..
And I did borrow her PC to online awhile
Webcam with my love..

Then Grace babe keep on kacau him..
''Don't touch my babe''
haha..I will remember this bii..
I Love you..

After that we go and park the car at college, then we take bus to Bukit Bintang

Here is our group picture
Thanks to our photographer Bibi Chris..:)
He help us to take this picture
We taking our brunch at Hu Tong Lot10
Last time I went to that place but FULL..
This's my first time eat there
Next time wanna bring my Love there to eat
I wanna try the sausage there..But need someone share with me..x)
Bii, next time I bring you there ya..x)
We eat together

After brunch, we go Uniqlo to shop..
Our 1st station!
Chris try the Gundam shirt..Nice but too expensive..Hahas..
Then me and babe grace bought a hat for ourselve..
The Uniqlo Hat..x) Finally I can get you home..x)
The promotion shirt I check online not nice at all..=.=
Looks like aunty style..
The mickey mouse shirt is only RM30!!
But too bad...the size too big already...SO I can't buy.. T^T


When the time we wanna go Pavillion..
I wan go Forever 21.. T^T
But we decide to go sungei wang and TS
Cz more things to shop

Then we walk to Lot10 first..
But my shoes wet jor..:(
Luckily me an Michelle did bring umbrella..
If not I also dunno how to shop..
Cz not enough time for us..


Sungei Wang

We go Watson first..Michelle and Grace bought Serum and Beryl bought the contact lens eyes drop.. I get nothing..x)
Then we go Cotton On Body

I bought a short pants, 2 shirts, 1 sexy panty..

Cotton On shirts quality was good..
Smooth and comfort
I did try many shirts there..x)
Spend too much here already

Then we go F.O.S
I bought 1 shirt here

Then we rush to Time Square
Not enough time for us
So rush

Starbucks is the first station in TS
I bought a tumbler there
RM52++(normal price)
Thanks Lih Lin for give me discount..:P
Haha..Next time can bring this tumbler to Genting already
Then we can save RM2 for drinking starbucks
Hor?? Bii??x)

Then we go 3rd floor
I wanna get a new spec
Try so many already but can't get a nice one..
I lost my lovely spec on Genting last time..The time I go with my sister..I lost it when I playing the bumber car..T^T
And the other spec I give to my love liao..
The others I left I think not that suit my style now..

Finally we went to the store which expensive than the others to buy the spec..
Cz the spec I feel suit me is only available on that store
ROMPAK meh??!!!
usually RM9.90 for one lo..
But no choice..It's really hard to find a spec which suit my feel
Cz every spec is different..

Here's the spec we bought
Beryl, Me and Michelle
Grace also get a new one..But she sitting in front..Hard to take picture with her..:(
We looks so oily and tired..haha..This pic I snap in Taxi
Cz we're late..We take Monoreal to Chow Kit then take Taxi back to college
When the time we reach Chow Kit..
Washe!!! Michelle kena kacau again..x)
She's too charming la..x)

Erm..Here is me and babe Grace..
Both of us looks ugly..hahaha..x)
But just want to post our pic here..x)
Cz have no chance to take picture with her...

Here's the end of my day..
Now I waiting for my love to online and cam with me..


I dunno what to do
I felt scare when I face it..


May be I not good enough
So you don't want to admit I'm yours..


It's too hard to guess what people's thinking
What to do?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Welcome home babeh!

Welcome home babeh!
Home sweet home..x)


I finally can update my blog in Genting Kelang here..
It's been a long time..
2 weeks time I can't online here already
And now I can update what did happened to me everyday..

Today 8am class..x)
SO early..
After the 8am class I have to rush for the next class on 10am-12pm..
International Relations class..
The internet connection there sucks
I can't msg with my beloved Mr.C
Sorry ah..x)

After that I go wangsa awhile with my Jie Muisss
Then Going home..

After finish watched Fast 1,3,4
The TM net workers give me and my dear surprice..they came to fixed the internet for us..
Thank you UNCLE

I haven't go yet..
so tired and sleepy...may be after blog I will go??x)
May be..
Cz I'm too tired..
But I'm FAT as well...Lolz..


I going shopping with my Jie Mui
Michelle, Grace and Beryl

This, is my dream watch..From Van Cleff & Arpels..But it's the limited edition and I can't get it for sure already..:(
But tomorrow I will go survey for Casio Sheen watch first..x)
Few months later might get a watch for myself..x)
And I have something else wanna buy..x)

Uniqlo Women's shirt is having discount!
RM25 can get one..x)
I wanna buy this shirt tomorrow..x)
And might go to F.O.S to get some tee shirts again..

I just received an e-mail from Etude House this afternoon..
They having a Mega Sales tomorrow..x)
Purchase RM180 can get the limited edition tumbler and also BB cream that I using..x)
I still considering want to buy or not..:(
Cz seems like useless for me..=.= But It's really a great deal for me..

This's the spec I wanna buy!!
Hope I can find it tomorrow..><''
And wanna buy another spec for myself..x)

And wanan buy a starbucks tumbler tomorrow..x)
Hope can get a nice one..x)


One more important thing is DICTIONARY
have to buy it for examination usage..

That's my plan for tomorrow..x)


Will have a sweet date on wed for me..x)
With YOU..

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Blerk...Seems like very healthy in this pic?
I'm sick..
Very weak?=.=
Because of SICK!! I lost RM150++..Can't go work..and can't attend the meeting..
Hope tomorrow I will be okay..
This early morning I did video call with my boy..:)
SO sweet and HAPPY! Lolz..x)
After talk to him I feel better..
After breakfast..I go and nap..
Woke around 4 something...Then drink lots of water...
around 7 bottles i think...grrr..
Don't have the desire to eat..=.=
May be drink too much..


Then I download the Fast and Furious1,3,4..x)
I watched the Fast and Furious 1..x)
Dom Dom so skinny on that time compare with fast 5..=X
But still strong and handsome..Lolz..x)


Uniqlo is having promotion AGAIN!!
I wan shopping badly..and wanna get a new spec for myself..x)
Tomorrow wanna gym..x)
Hope my body can tahan la..=X


Back to the life without internet again tomorrow..=X
So blog a post again here..x)

Hope can get the internet A.S.A.P
then can web cam and talk to YOU!!..x)
I swimming to NJ now..
Wait for me..x))

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm busy

I can't online at my hostel about 2 weeks time already..Recently I very busy with my assignment..Very hard to do research without internet connection.. :(
This entire week I'm busying with my assignment..Discussion, paper work, presentation, shooting.. Grrr...Really tired..And I get nightmare everynight!! T^T

I wan to be slim and sexy!!x))

May be too long didn't blog already...the words I using so random..=.=
Today is sat..I'm so emo..Sat also have class..:(
And I going class alone..
Close friends not going..Then I join Fiona today..:)
Today class bored as usual..
The lecturer always use her mono tone to teach..Really like talking to herself..
=.= And the lecture hall freaking cold!! And made me headache..
Gonna sick soon??=.=

Monday-Tuesday, I did go for shooting with my production group members..:)
I'm in bibi group for this assignment..
Doing TARC promo..this's the first time I in his production group..:)
Everything going smooth..

Wed-I having my own production group meeting with the Advertising student..
It's the first time I making my own production team...
I really scared I can't do it well..
But my beloved bii did support me..x)
I will try hearder and make all things become better and will make the pre, pro and post production goes smooth..


Thurs-The International Relations presentation..about the Cuban war..Thank you Anthony..x) You really amazing in doing presentation..
My Thursday class end at 7pm..=.= And having the production meeting on this day as well..Phew..
Really tired..

Friday- Lecture and 1 Tutorial class..=.= 3pm end my class and I driving Michelle car from college back to Genting Kelang..x)
I'm steady and PRO!! weeee~~x))
Bii, next time I drive to serdang find u ah..x))
Hiak hiak..x))

The neighbour of mine is moving last two weeks ago..If we can rent their parking lot then I can drive le!!x))
Because we don't have enough parking lots..So I don't have a car to drive..x((

I changed my relation status in FB yesterday..x))
Because someone gekkkk meeee...x)
But it's okay~:P

Just let it be..x)
I'm happy with it and proud with it..Lolz..

Bii, I love you and miss u..:)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The day without internet

Recently I kinda busy with my assignment and working stuff..
There's a big problem I'm facing..x))
NO INTERNET ACCESS at my hostel there..=.=
God damn hard to do my assignment...And the most important thing is NO MSN..T^T
Cannot cambbie with my LOVE..T^T

I Hate you TM..T^T


I working from 1pm to 11pm..As online game promoter as usual..
NO COSPLAY..x)) Hahas..
When I saw the uniform they provided..I was thinking..GG lor..
The pants short like undies and just wearing tube and a short jacket with it..Can't wear bra if wanna wear that uniform and a cap is provided..

This's the uniform they provided for me..=.=
Cannot la...
Ngor ziip sau mm dou lorr..
Wear for my Love ok la..
Show Girl in exibition hall, no need talk and walk ok la..
but wan me wear like this to walk along the street and talk cannot lor..=.=
Chi sin meh?!

Or 4 months later may be I will wear it la..:P
cz now I still damn fat

But then I did wear the cap provided by them la..:P
Ok la...not bad gua..:P

But one thing shock me when I work.. x((
A guy jump out in front of me, told my boss he's my fans and demand me to take picture with him..=.=
Really ''LUCKY''!!! =.=
Cassidy Bii....I think you know what happened if you did read my post..Lolz..x))
Really felt like to cry when I saw him..T^T why so ''LUCKY'' one...


Monday morning..
I going back to Genting Kelang in the morning..x))
Going class until 2pm then start my commercial shooting..
During the tutorial class, I quarrel with my tutor..
She didn't gimme attandance even I did attend the classes...
=.= Damn

Then I show her the notes and my tutorial Q & A only she believe in me..
Really fells like want Slap on her face lo!!
Almost cry when I talk to her...Hahaha..x))

Everything goes smooth and on time..
But I just felt tired..@.@
May be not enough sleep
Working + Pressure
Once I home I nap for 2 hours then only go gym..x))
Wan become sexy and pretty..muahaha
But just 40 mins I cannot tahan already..:P
Sorry Bii..x)) I will try harder next time..x))

My dinner..Very pity one..
I having those expired cereal and a pocky which expired for 3 months time..=.=
And I threw 2 boxes expired biscuit at the same time..
Haha..What to do??
Nothing else can eat and I didn't eat for whole day..x(
Don't waste food ma..xP

I cannot online in my hostel there..So I using mobile to on Facebook..x)
He poked me..xDD
Very happy to see that actually..x)


Today, is Tues!!
I just done 2nd day shooting for my commercial
Washe..There's a super leng zai guiding us today..x)
He's so nice and friendly..x)
If he can send Beryl home then good lo..x))
Something good might happen..hahaha

But the most leng zai one is in US now..x))
And I miss him badly..x))




1st Meeting with advertising student tomorrow!
Good luck and all the best Eris!

And I miss my boy badly..Muahahha..xDDD

Saturday, June 4, 2011

4th June 2011

Today...I should go brogal hill with my jie mui on 4am one..but I ffk them..:( I felt guilty..
Suddenly..I felt like I have many works to do with..I really feel sorry to them..
I sleep on 2 am last night and 9am awake..then start to do assignment research and prepare some other things for this coming week discussion and also have to find out some idea for the 3rd assignment...Media Ethics, Translation, Advertising for E-Media and International relations.. Finally I done some basic research on them and know how to start our assigment..=.= Until I finish up all my stuff..3pm++
Rest awhile and shower, prepare for dinner on 6pm..:)

This morning he did talk with me in Msn..:D
I'm so happy with that..x)
Awhile is enough for me..:) But hor!! ur NOOB msn...=.= cannot video call..x)
Too bad lo..haha


I going for my nephew fullmoon party..
Seri Kembangan there...
I went to my cousin house first..I suddenly have a feel..
People really should appreciate everyone in your them more and love them more..
Love your family and friends..
WHen the time I saw my relatives who falled sick...Phew...Hard life..But still have to stay strong..
Some elder relatives and their friends..They did attend this party as well..It's been a long time from last time we meet...
Hope you all stay healthy and happy..:)

This fatty doggie..:D
Looks silly..Haha...and fat..x)
So cute..=D
Looks like a ball..x)

Here's my nephew..
Hao Hao


Just now when I attend the party..Two of my aunt keep on ask me where's your boy friend??
Everytime when they saw me also asking the same question..
What's my answer??:D
Who knows??:P

And one more thing..
Tomorrow I going to work from 2pm to 11pm..=.=
I didn't know they want me to work that long time lo..
And demand me to cosplay..
I can't imagine who am I tomorrow..=.=

Eris Chew Mun cosplay..

What a month..=.=
Busy and weird ar?
Bii, 117 days to go..:)

Insane June!

I almost cry when I see my schedule today.. T^T
Full of those assignment duedate,midterm,meeting,discussion,shooting and bla bla bla...
This weekend have to work somemore


This early morning I have to go college earlier to meet with advertising students to form assignment group..I rushing for breakfast because today class is 5 hours without break time! When the time I step out my door...I didn't realize I wearing slippers..Until I walk to guradhouse there only I realize..Then I flying back to change my shoes...Lolz..I use 3 mins time to finish my breakfast and run to the bus station! Luckily I on time..=.= Phew..

Today really busy and tired..Have to form new group for new assignment.. Have to do research for everything and have discussion with the others on next week..bla bla bla..
I going to insane soon..
Hope I can handle well for this time

And I wait for my dad for 2 hours++ in LRT station today..=.=
Everything like so rush..


This morning when I wake up...
My love sms me from NY!!:D
18 hour flight is terrible la
Rest well my LGZ!!
I wait you home!



Just update a short short post here..
Gonna do assignment


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

1st of June

Today is 1st of June...Happy Birthday Bii..:)


He's leaving to US today, my phone won't have sms and call from him for 120 days..
But I'll wait him back..x)
119days to go..:D

I wanna diet from now
become leng lui and sexy
SHOCK you gao gao..x)
Will give you a big surprice, and you will love me more when the time you see me again

Well...I did skip 2 days class..I felt guilty..
Tomorrow morning will back to study, time to concentrate and work hard!
And I going to work on this sunday..=.=
Time to earn money as well..Lolz..

This early morning I saw a watch from a magazine..
I wanna have it..:D
May be two more weeks I will get 'her' home..:)

Here is it..:)
Casio Sheen SHN-3017D
Release on year2010 July..=.=
But I still like it style
May be will get it..:)
Cz I need a watch badly..Since last year I already plan to get one but..Too bad..
Because of some issue I can't get it..haha

I did watch Titanic again yesterday
It was awesome..x))
Actually I want watch this Romantic movie with someone special on my birthday one..
But too bad, I forgottt..x) haha..
The love story was awesome!

I hope the same will go onto my life as well la..x)
Stay strong..x)
Don't let go..You Jump I Jump..xD

But just skip the dying part then okay liao..=o=

 Drive Angry
It's the movie I watched today
The girl was soooo yeng!
She can punch on her Boyfriend face and fight the girl who xxx her boy..=.=

The whole story was interested and won't make people felt lame

Great one..

Pig Pig!
I Miss you badly..x)
Hope you did the same as well la~haha
I Love You
And I will wait you to come back!