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Thursday, April 8, 2010

What am I actually for you?

I din't forget you
Everyday I will still want to chat with you
Hope can become closer with you
What's actually in your mind?
If I din't find you...will you come to me?
I have an answer...You said scare you will disturb me..
Bee Bee ah~
I still don't want to give up on you actually
I know how you treat me is not worth for me to wait anymore
And want you come back to me is very very very hard
But I will still wait for the miracel

Everytime when I talk to him..>,<''
My heart beating fast and even can't breath
I was so happy when he talk to me...
But heart was pain too

Few days din't blog again
I have something funny to tell
Monday that time I fall over in college
Then whole block of people came out from class and ask me what happened???
I suddenly become famous in college already


Yesterday I go for movie with Yi~^^
we watch the Beauty on Duty and How to Train your Dragon
Damn nice man~~

And I have a new target and mission for myself..
I want go HK when I become famous:)
Because of him>>>William Chan
Damn cut and handsome la~:)

This's him :)

And in the night...
something happened again
made me cry like hell...
I really scare

Last year after someone abandon me
Just like what happened to me this year
There's a terrible guy keep on call and sms non-stop to me
Last year he get my phone number from my friend
and keep on disturb me...

Everytime when I become single will become busy like hell again izit??

I will try my best to handle these case
Just like last time when I face them
But I really need someone beside me..

few more days for my final exam...
Aza Aza MUN MUN!!!
and soon....6 more days...for another month for us..
Can I? haha..

Good luck and all the best for ''YOU'' :)

1 comment:

Yoyo said...

Wah...u so famous le...^^
Many ppl chase u when u r single....
but u feel hell?
So hurt ppl that chase u la...
They all is live/love u from heart d le........