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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Blank Blank

I forgot since when I stop blogging here already
I did switch my place to blog to wretch there since I know my sister Tivanny
But recently when I felt like wanna blog, The wretch there keep occur some problem la man..
made me no mood to blog liao
I have many many things in my mind recently
But I cant talk to anyone
I dunno who should I talk with
But sometimes I felt like I'm totally blank in my mind
Really felt useless when like that la
Last week
Many people said I dissappear already
I'm lost
No one can find me
I didn't online
I didn't on my phone
I didn't reply peoples
I try to escape from something
I felt lonely when I staying alone at home
My parents and both of my sisters not around
everyday when I woke I also alone
No phone, no internet
I being emo and emo from day to day
what to do leh?
I think hor
I really sucks
keep on appear in my mind
Final exam just in the corner
start from this friday
I don't want to get any resit
have to work hard from now liao
I will still blog here
and my wretch blog if there still can be use la
Yesterday Grace overnight at my house
today Rachel n Grace study with me
but they sleep at living room only
I dunno what should I said liao
nothing I can do
But really many things in my mind la
I want to share it out but
I'm totally blank now
later I emo again
I want a WOODY
from toy story
the cowboy
If someone can buy one for me
Think too much again..
But I really hope that I can have one Woody
I love Woody
gtg for dinner with Elroy and wai kit already
both of them keep said they love me in msn just now

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