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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Grandma Birthday

Last night, Our family celebrate my grandma Birthday

Happy Birthday ya Grandma~

Love you so much

Wish you growing healthy and happiness

This pic is my Grandma and Grandpa

SO sweet right?


I'm The photographer~xD

Oh yeah~

I love this picture so much~

My grandpa and grandma married for long time already and now having their grandchildren and their children around them

They kiss in front of us eh~

I really can feel their happiness at that moment

Hope I can get mine one soon la~


This is my family~

My sisters and my parents

I Love this picture so much

I love my family

This is my sister and her husband~:D

I like this picture so I post it out la..


This is my sister as well

I like this picture as well, thats why i post it out..


I found out that she looking good through the lens

Next time sure I will take more of her pictures one.





I really enjoyed last night

It's really fun

All relatives gather together, eat and play

My mum did told me something after I get home

She said when my grandma and grandpa married, they are alone

But now, they having their family

With their child and grandchild together

And they are very happiness now

Because all of us respecting and love them

I was just thinking that when only I can get married and find my own happiness?


I did many wrong things and also decisions that made me regret so much

But what to do?

people always did wrong

But what if you can forgive them and accept them if they change it?

I really did grown up in this one year time


can say so

Hope you can use a wider angle to watch me and this world

I am not that kind of shit


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