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Thursday, March 31, 2011

End of March!


It's the last day of March~

Time passed fast?

I guess so

There are many bad things happened in this month

Early in this month, I cried a lot

Many unhappier things happened to me

Friendship, Relationship, Studies

But now I already get used to it

My sugar glider--Pit Pit born a new babe~

I Become grandma already lolz..


Last night I sleep late

Because I waiting you to get home

I know you tired on your work

Hope you can rest well and take good care of yourself

Recently I hard to sleep long



It's a very hard problem that I facing

Sleep can made the time pass faster and can escape from the real world

It's sounds so familiar right?

The movie- Inception


I love that movie~

People can escape from the real world, dream about what they want

Escape from the real world, Dream Have Dream

They can change some people minded, found the evil inside their mind

There's another nice movie I would Like to intro

Black Swan

Natalie Portman is the main character in this movie

The story is about a balletdancer can't control herself by keep on falling into the character she act

At last she get crazy

The performing skill of Natalie Portman is awesome

She can really bring out what the character actually was

It's not easy




Both movie was about the character was escaping from the real world

And falling to their own perfect world


Can I also be like that?


Thank you

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