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Saturday, March 26, 2011

year of 2011

It's been a long time again right?
There are so many things happened for me in this short period
Everything become normal now
Because I already been used to it
My complicated relationship, I found out that I really can't accept anyother one
So please, don't come after my right now, I can't accept you guys right now
I will stand for this situation until the year of 2013
Because the end of the world might coming at the end of 2012 what~
So~If it's not coming then I should really start a new life again
But also may be, there is a miracle will occur before that
I still waiting for it
But not that much hope again, since I dissapointed for so long already
My messy 'Friendship'
Keep on get bullied by a gang of people
I dislike you guys

This's my new style
Before and after hair cut
So hard to take care of short hair for me..
I miss my Long hair
Hope my hair will grow faster
And I did dye my hair last night..:D
I working at a Bakkwa shop before CNY
working that time so hard to pass my time, but at last it's fun memory
Happy with that
CNY is here
I not so happy with this month
I cry a lot
for many things
the messed month I ever had before
I already used to it now
Found my way?
and know what to do?
But also a salty begining for me
I betrayed by someone
She is one of my friend I trusted the most, but what she dne for me
I won't blame you, because you are the one who lost me
You will know how the taste of getting betrayed by people someday
Thanks for trusting me HJ^2
My final is in the corner
Hope I can pass it safe and graduate faster..
You too HJ^2
I hope you can get your happiness
I hope you can be happy always
And good luck and all the best for ur exam.

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