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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My busy week

Last week was Week 8 for my 7th semester..
From Monday to Friday also have many things have to do with..
Monday I have meeting before shooting shooting..
At the same day, I have assesment for my translation class..

Tuesday, I have shooting for my 3rd assignment, the go-green awareness TVC..
At the same day, I have Media Ethics Mid-Term Test..

Wednesday, I have no class but still have go college to finish up my International Relations Assignment...

Thursday, having tutorial ques presentation about types of war..
Screening day for our 1st and 2nd assignment..

Friday, Q&A section for our 1st and 2nd assignment..


That's what I had done last week!
Finally can focus on the other assignments and presentation after this busy week..

On Friday~
We have to dress up formal for the Q&A section~
Here is my Production Team!

Ermm~~I looks weird but still have to share this pic out..X)
Our sista~ Grace, Beryl, Mun Mun and Michelle~
Our Banana~Chris, Ah Ben, Anthony
We work together and play together
Happy when I be with them

Here is a close up shot for our Sista~:)

After the Q&A section, everyone are busy complained about what the tutor said..=.=
Then we heading for brunch at TBR area~
When I order the food..I dunno why the uncle and aunty speak english with me..X)
After that...Me, Beryl, Grace and Chris going Bukit Bintang area for shopping..
I don't want to buy anything..I spend too much..
But at last I also get one shirt for myself..=.=

When the time Chris and Berly left, My and babe Grace went to Tutti Fruity
She treat me...X)
My First time..:D
Thanks Babe~
Next time I wanna bring my Lovely Mr.C to taste it..X)
hiak hiak..

My Sat~Early morning I busy-ing webcam with my love~Suddenly I get my dear sms me..=.=
Then I rush for prepare to KLCC with her..:)
We lepak around there and looks for lomo camera..><''
Just RM200 can get one!
Or should I get an instant one?
There are too many types of LOMO cam in the market..
I don't ever know which one is nice..=.=
But I think I need to get an instant camera first..

Here's the movie we watched..Transformer 3-The Dark Side of the Moon..

Thecharacter Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as Carly Spencer..
I not really like her..
The girl in 1st and 2nd episode one is better for me...

The scene when Sam is attacked by peoples, he is yelling Bee's name..:D
Then Bee flying out to rescues him..:D
This's the best scene in thie movie!

And the shooting location is located at Washington in the last part....
Too many deaths there..=.=

I looking forward for my next movie..:)


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