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Friday, July 1, 2011

Hello July~

It's July~ =3=~
Next month I going to have my final exam already...Time passed too fast..
Soon, I going to end my diploma life in TAR College..

1st of July~ I having my Q&A section for my Advertising for E-Media..
Everything is fine I think...

I dress up formal to college today..
1st time I wearing heels to college..Phew witt..
I am so tall today..:)
And so cz my skirt is short..xD

After presentation I going KL to shop..
I wearing heels and walk for 8 hours today..
so so so so so tired..=.=
I can't feel my legs once I take off the heels..

This month will kinda busy and stress again..
Hope everything will go smooth..

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