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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Time for Relax? or War?

Long lost post again? x)
Well~Last few weeks ago I too busy with my stuff..
Assignments and Presentations is totally made me insane..
And pimples on my face made me crazy now..=3=

Last week I only gym for one day..
Then I gain weight again?
My boy told me I become fatter and fatter already..Lolz..xD

Sei lorrr..
I think I have to gym hard and study hard from now..
3 more weeks to go for my final exam..
wish me luck..:)

Last sat is my Beloved babe Grace big day~
She's having her birthday party at Banting..:)
Early morning we gather at her hse then we heading to Banting together..:D
It's my second time been there..:D

The Chow Kuey Teow in Banting is famous?
It's dark..But taste good..:)
We ate this as our lunch after we checked in the hotel..:)
After lunch then we gather at Grace's ah ma hse again to help out decorate the venue~:)

We blow the ballon and we tie the ballon and we decorate the venue with it..:D
See~everyone are busy..x)
I did help out as well!!
And I work as the photographer..:D
Take pics around..:D

After we done all the decoration~
We heading to the Pig farm behind Grace's house..x)
See the Piggy~So cute...x)
Hahas~Although they are smelly..But I still like to visit them..xD
Like my long lost bro and sis..
But I'm not only the one who excited! My the other friends much more excited than me..

Time for us to prepare for the Party..:D
Everyone are busy make up and dress up with the very kua zhueng dress..
After we prepared, all of us start photoshooting in our room..
Here's my roommate..Michelle!
She grab my pillow in the night and made me sleep at lonkang..=.=

This is Babe Grace Birthday Cake!
It's a Jelly!
But I was too full..=.=
So I didn't taste it..:(
I kinda regret..Because most of my friends told me it's really delicious and icy!

And Here is Babe Grace and his nephew Benji..:)
It's their birthday!
I edited this pics..xD

And this is our Group Pics of TARcian with Grace!

The birthday party end with the fireworks!
The sweet couple Grace and Chris are in this pic..:D
Photograph by Eris Chew Mun..

How good if my dear is here too..:(
Then the one in this pic will me me and him..
But I believe that one day, me and him will have a chance to kiss and take picture under the firework!

After the party is time to rest..:D
Our friend get drunk..
Night time 4 ppl in our room..=o=
Two pillow..I sleep in the middle..
Then I sleep in the pillow for me..=.=

Can't sleep well la..=3=

The next morning we gether at Grace ah Ma house again after bah kut teh..xD
The bah kut teh here is damn cheap and nice..x)
And I play with ah Bee in the morning..xD
He's so cute!
The 1st time I meet him is at Genting!
My Birthday..x)
And my Bii did carry ah Bee in genting..xD
Then now I meet with ah Bee again..x)
I keep on take his picture like crazy..

Here's the group picture of me and ah Bee
Actually I have few pics of me and ah Bee la..
But this's the nicest one..xD

Here is ah Bee again~
He's sitting on a chair which is special for baby to learn on how to sit one..
hiak hiak~
Photograph by Eris Chew Mun again..:D
Cute right?
I really feels like to get my own children already..
Cassidy!! can you hear me ar??:P

Afternoon time~
6 of us going Tanjung Sepat to PLAY
We're eating the mak nga tong..xD
We go eat bao~and we go beach~
and we go the love bridge there to take picture~
Next time I wanna bring my dear come as well..=3=


Then It's done for my weekend..:D

back to my study life again~

Time table for my final exam is released yesterday
3 more weeks to go for my final!
I have to study hard!


Just done my assignments and presentations..
Just relax for few days..
Time to start my war again?
And one more thing!
I working on this coming Fri-Sun!
The PC Expo in KLCC!
Come and Visit me!

63 more Days to go!

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