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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Raya Celebration

Kinda late to update my Raya post here..x)
Kinda lazy recently..x)

I went to Thailand for Raya..x)
A 3days 2 nights Trip to Hatyai, Thailand~
I frequently went to Thailand actually..
Suppose nothing to talk about right?
But this time I going with My cousin..Lolz..
Everything goes fun with them..:)

Tada~ Here is me and my mum~:)
We're on the way to Thai~:)

 This little cutie keep on look at me in bus..=.=
Made me dunno what to do..So I pretend sleeping all the way along to Thai..Lolz..

 The 1st night in Thai, we went to this temple
Looks like diamond in night time..
But nothing inside..
And we have to pay RM15 to this temple
My cousin and his friend paid that for me..xD

Well, It's my first time been here
Photograph time..x)

This is one of the tiang inside the temple
Everything become green inside
And many unknown insects flying here and there..

Dinner time~
Dad bring us go to a local restaurant to taste the very very local tom yam =3=

Here is it~
My cousin and his friend keep on sweating when eating this
Even my dad as well..xD

Like those ABC in Malaysia la..
Cost RM4 for this~
Our supper..With my cousins, my aunt and my mum
Taste not bad la this one..:D

After supper we go to Massage..Lolz..

 Here is our sexy legs
The left one is my cousin
Middle is Me
Right one is ABC
My another sweety cousin and my aunt goes to sleep already..Lolz..

Thai massage RM20 only..x)
for an hour~
After massage, me and my mum go to sleep lu~

Next dayyy~~

  Early in the morning~
We meet lou ban leong at lobby there~
So we take a pic together..=.=

She is the boss of the tour company we joined..:)

Breakfast time!
We have Dim Sum here~
And also Bah Kut Teh~
And Siu Yok~
See! He ate so many!!


After Breakfast we going to some temple and tourist places~

Photograph time again~
1st stop
Temple lor~=o=

To take this picture, I climed over 500 stair case =.=

so san fu..x)
But worth it!
The air is fresh up there and the view sibeh jeng~x)

And and and~
I found something!!

I found this foot at the top there!
so huge..x)

Then we heading to second station~

Me and dad~

Dad, Mum and Me..:D

Third station..A park~
We got fun fair there~:)
These are the prizes we get from the shooting game..:)
My super dad won these..Lolz..xD

But at this station got something happened..
Some insects bite my Mum and she falled sick..:(

After that we go for doctor and have no time to shopping anymore..
Luckily she felt better after ate the medicine..
But still not feeling well..

We went to the water market to look for food~
These are Shushi...=o=
50 cents each..Kinda expensive la I think..
But taste good..x)
Better than Shushi King one la..x)

And we have Pok Piah here~
Thai style Pok Piah~
Very unique and taste good..x)

After dinner~
Time to sleep
Mummy not feeling well, so I stay at hotel to accompany her~:)
Sleep time then..
And the next day~
Heading back to KL~

When the time we going back..
Cham lor...
the bus broken down halfway..
No air-con at all..

But still home safe home la..

My Raya~

Ho Chiak!

I gain weight in these 3 days!

Next time gonna bring my Mr.C to Thai..x)
So I can share and bring him to taste those food..x)
Then gain weight together...

Happy Raya to all of you!!

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