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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bye Diploma!

Today is the last day for my Diploma study in Broadcast Communication..
But I still going to continue my advance in the same college la..
But most of my friends are not going to stay at this college..
Some go for work, some go other college or university to continue study..
All the best to you all Broadcaster!
And thanks for giving me a very memorable memories in my Diploma life..

DBC E1 to E5..
Thank you..

The real friendship never fade by time!

Here are some pictures I took today..:)
But too bad I have no time to take picture one by one with my friends..
But we still will gather up together during the convo right?

Here is Me and Michelle
Michelle ah Michelle..
Thanks for being my friend and my sista..:D
I really happy when I be with you
Don't so blur when you work ahh..:D
Work hard and don't play play ha..x)
Sista will always be with you!

Here is Me and Rachel..
She is one of my close friend in my diploma Study..
She's just like my mum..xD

All the best for ur future..
Get your dream come true!
Be the real Director!!

Here is Me and VC..
1st time taking picture with him...xD
He's one of my classmate!

Thank you VC~

Here is me and Yoon Yi
She is my class-rep
So leng lui and cool..:)

Yoon Yi~
Thanks for helping us in this 2 years!

Lih Ling..:D
She is my very first gang friend in my diploma..
I still remember the time we hanged out and going on aired in Ai-FM..

All the best for your future!

He's very fun and friendly la..xD
Let's gym together if free..:D

This picture I force him take with me one actually..

I'll miss u for sure Heman!!

This is My tutor Miss.JC!
My Advertising to E-Media punya Practical Tutor..:D
She's cool..:D
I like to chat with her..x)

And this is the Big Face Panda, BFP..:D
He's advertising student..:)
Thank You Panda for the Go-Green Commercial..


Dear E1
All my beloved classmate..
I will miss you guys for sure!
E1 is the best

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