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Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Diploma Convocation

I'm officially graduated for my Diploma Study!
Honestly, I very touched on my convocation ceremony!
On the beginning of the day, I emo again because of my parents told me they can't attend for my convo..
Then I have to drive there alone..
But until the end my mum still going with me.. :)

<---This is me :D with my noob noob attire! sibeh yong sui and hot la.. =.=

I didn't take much pictures on the day because I was out of the mood..=.=

The convo ceremony started with the big persons walk in to the hall~~
And.. Time to sleep!

Very bored and nothing to do inside. We just wait for the people went up stage and get the scroll..

The ceremony started 2.30pm sharp and end around 4pm.

This is me and my mum..
Thank you mummy..
Thanks for coming and also the flower.. x)
I can feel the love from you mum

The attendance of you did cheer me up :)
I know you always support me for everything.
My work, My studies..
I Love you mum :)
And sorry for made you bored.. =X

I will finish my advance diploma with flying result for sure!
I promise you.
I won't let you disappoints!

These are my beloved 836 members!!
Our 836 club formed around 7 years already!
After graduated from high school, 6 of us hard to meet up all together.
Ling, Kuan, Yi, Me, Lai and Ying

Because of the 38-ness made 6 of us stick together.
6 of us are librarians
6 of us are photographers
6 of us are from Taekwan-Do
6 of us love each other
6 of us are Jie Muis!
6 of us are girls! :D

Dear, Thanks for coming!
And also the huge flowers!
I Love it so much!
You girls complete my life.

Follow up by my Beloved Boy Boy!
Fu-Shen, Thanks for coming bii!
I really appreciate it!
Thanks for the lovely sun-flower!
I Love it very very much! x)
You just like the sun-flower, brighten up my life and you are the one who always made me smile!

I Love you bii..:)

Here is YY and me.. :)
YY is my course mate and she good in cook!

YY, you really a good friend to be with! :)
Wish you all the best for your future!

This is me and Robert!
Haha, Robert is YY's Bf..xD
Erm, let's work hard together for our advance diploma la Robert..xD

Here is Heng Dai and Jie Mui!
Heng Dai is Fu-Shen with Chris
Jie Mui is Me and Grace

2 pair of couples!


The ceremony end with a heavy rain
And here comes to the end of my Diploma life

Thanks to my love, my family, my friends

Good Luck to all Broadcasters!

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