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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August 2011

It's August!

Last month I damn busy with my study..
And now all settled and time to prepare for my final exam

Last week I did work for the Digital Lifestyle Expo at KLCC there during weekend..
Our booth did get the gold category for Best Booth Award!
Very proud and happy for that..:)
And I very happy and satisfy for this time work..

Back to today~

Today is 3rd of Aug!
It's Beryl babe Birthday!
Too bad I don't have any softcopy of the pictures we took today~
Can't upload and share here~

In my facebook's friends..
There're 16 of my friends birthday in the same day!

It's a nice day izit?

This morning me,Grace, Beryl and Chris did went to Levain for breakfast!
The environment is good..x)
A very romantic place ah~
hiak hiak~

I know the way already..
Will bring someone special there when got chance!

Then we heading to Bukit Bintang area again~

Until here la..
We sing k and shopping~
Happy Birthday Beryl Babe~


Diet and Exam mood ON ON ON!!

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