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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The day without internet

Recently I kinda busy with my assignment and working stuff..
There's a big problem I'm facing..x))
NO INTERNET ACCESS at my hostel there..=.=
God damn hard to do my assignment...And the most important thing is NO MSN..T^T
Cannot cambbie with my LOVE..T^T

I Hate you TM..T^T


I working from 1pm to 11pm..As online game promoter as usual..
NO COSPLAY..x)) Hahas..
When I saw the uniform they provided..I was thinking..GG lor..
The pants short like undies and just wearing tube and a short jacket with it..Can't wear bra if wanna wear that uniform and a cap is provided..

This's the uniform they provided for me..=.=
Cannot la...
Ngor ziip sau mm dou lorr..
Wear for my Love ok la..
Show Girl in exibition hall, no need talk and walk ok la..
but wan me wear like this to walk along the street and talk cannot lor..=.=
Chi sin meh?!

Or 4 months later may be I will wear it la..:P
cz now I still damn fat

But then I did wear the cap provided by them la..:P
Ok la...not bad gua..:P

But one thing shock me when I work.. x((
A guy jump out in front of me, told my boss he's my fans and demand me to take picture with him..=.=
Really ''LUCKY''!!! =.=
Cassidy Bii....I think you know what happened if you did read my post..Lolz..x))
Really felt like to cry when I saw him..T^T why so ''LUCKY'' one...


Monday morning..
I going back to Genting Kelang in the morning..x))
Going class until 2pm then start my commercial shooting..
During the tutorial class, I quarrel with my tutor..
She didn't gimme attandance even I did attend the classes...
=.= Damn

Then I show her the notes and my tutorial Q & A only she believe in me..
Really fells like want Slap on her face lo!!
Almost cry when I talk to her...Hahaha..x))

Everything goes smooth and on time..
But I just felt tired..@.@
May be not enough sleep
Working + Pressure
Once I home I nap for 2 hours then only go gym..x))
Wan become sexy and pretty..muahaha
But just 40 mins I cannot tahan already..:P
Sorry Bii..x)) I will try harder next time..x))

My dinner..Very pity one..
I having those expired cereal and a pocky which expired for 3 months time..=.=
And I threw 2 boxes expired biscuit at the same time..
Haha..What to do??
Nothing else can eat and I didn't eat for whole day..x(
Don't waste food ma..xP

I cannot online in my hostel there..So I using mobile to on Facebook..x)
He poked me..xDD
Very happy to see that actually..x)


Today, is Tues!!
I just done 2nd day shooting for my commercial
Washe..There's a super leng zai guiding us today..x)
He's so nice and friendly..x)
If he can send Beryl home then good lo..x))
Something good might happen..hahaha

But the most leng zai one is in US now..x))
And I miss him badly..x))




1st Meeting with advertising student tomorrow!
Good luck and all the best Eris!

And I miss my boy badly..Muahahha..xDDD

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