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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

1st of June

Today is 1st of June...Happy Birthday Bii..:)


He's leaving to US today, my phone won't have sms and call from him for 120 days..
But I'll wait him back..x)
119days to go..:D

I wanna diet from now
become leng lui and sexy
SHOCK you gao gao..x)
Will give you a big surprice, and you will love me more when the time you see me again

Well...I did skip 2 days class..I felt guilty..
Tomorrow morning will back to study, time to concentrate and work hard!
And I going to work on this sunday..=.=
Time to earn money as well..Lolz..

This early morning I saw a watch from a magazine..
I wanna have it..:D
May be two more weeks I will get 'her' home..:)

Here is it..:)
Casio Sheen SHN-3017D
Release on year2010 July..=.=
But I still like it style
May be will get it..:)
Cz I need a watch badly..Since last year I already plan to get one but..Too bad..
Because of some issue I can't get it..haha

I did watch Titanic again yesterday
It was awesome..x))
Actually I want watch this Romantic movie with someone special on my birthday one..
But too bad, I forgottt..x) haha..
The love story was awesome!

I hope the same will go onto my life as well la..x)
Stay strong..x)
Don't let go..You Jump I Jump..xD

But just skip the dying part then okay liao..=o=

 Drive Angry
It's the movie I watched today
The girl was soooo yeng!
She can punch on her Boyfriend face and fight the girl who xxx her boy..=.=

The whole story was interested and won't make people felt lame

Great one..

Pig Pig!
I Miss you badly..x)
Hope you did the same as well la~haha
I Love You
And I will wait you to come back!

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