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Friday, June 17, 2011

Stress enough

Week 6 is going to end and Week 7 is starting
Assignments due date is just in the corner, some just done half, some haven't start yet and some done..But have the other things to do..I have 4 subject in this semester..IR, Media Ethnic, Translation and Ads for E-media..IR final exam fail rate is 40%, and Media Ethnic fail rate is 35-40%..Final exam will start 7 weeks later, and I going to have my convo on sept..Phew!!
Assignment and Presentation
Hope I can handle well


Yesterday I going babe Grace house there in the morning to do assignment and today as well
Early in the morning I woke up and webcam with my love..:)
It's the only energy that support me..x)
He make me smile and cheer me up..Just like my fuel..x) He light up my life..

My Thursday class is full and busy! After 12-2pm class have to rush for translation class and have to print out the production report every thursday before the Ads class on 4pm..After translation class form 2-3pm have to rush to cafeteria ro have discussion and preparation for Ads class and IR class from 4-7pm..Non-stop rushing..Every thursday also doing the same thing.. Really felt tired about that..

When end the class, I did take LRT back to Kuchai..x)
Mummy did cook for me..x)
So touch and happy..
But too bad..The internet connection sucks!! My lappie sucks!! I can't connect to internet last night!! CANNOT WEB CAM!! made me emo..=.= grrr..

But then this morning I curi curi use my sister lappie to on MSN..x)
When my mum saw me on the lappie..she said: WA!! why so hardworking to do ur assignment?
Actually I just chatting with my love instead of doing assignment..x)
x) It's only 7am like that when I cambbie with my love

Then I going babe Grace there to do assignment la..:D

I take this picture when I get home..Which is around 5.30pm today..x)
This is how I looks like recently..x)
My nerdy look! haha..x)
I go college with this appearance...X)
Not ugly but cute..x)
I like this look..But dunno why the other people always keep their eyes on me..
Am I that weird for them?

Three days no gym for me already..
I'm so fat..=.=
And I have A&W as my lunch some more with my Jie Muiss..=.=
All of us become fatter and fatter already..xD

When the time I going home, my dad did pick me up on LRT station
We went back to our old house and I did help my dad to bought something..
After that I go and da pao fried chicken..-.-
haha...OILY!! FAT!!
But it's really delicious and I think I didn't eat this more than 10 years already..
Bii, next time I bring you to eat when you back..:P


Will start fighting for my study again later...
I have to work hard
Study hard
For my future..:)


Dear my Mr.C

I really felt glad to have you as my love..

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