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Sunday, June 12, 2011


Blerk...Seems like very healthy in this pic?
I'm sick..
Very weak?=.=
Because of SICK!! I lost RM150++..Can't go work..and can't attend the meeting..
Hope tomorrow I will be okay..
This early morning I did video call with my boy..:)
SO sweet and HAPPY! Lolz..x)
After talk to him I feel better..
After breakfast..I go and nap..
Woke around 4 something...Then drink lots of water...
around 7 bottles i think...grrr..
Don't have the desire to eat..=.=
May be drink too much..


Then I download the Fast and Furious1,3,4..x)
I watched the Fast and Furious 1..x)
Dom Dom so skinny on that time compare with fast 5..=X
But still strong and handsome..Lolz..x)


Uniqlo is having promotion AGAIN!!
I wan shopping badly..and wanna get a new spec for myself..x)
Tomorrow wanna gym..x)
Hope my body can tahan la..=X


Back to the life without internet again tomorrow..=X
So blog a post again here..x)

Hope can get the internet A.S.A.P
then can web cam and talk to YOU!!..x)
I swimming to NJ now..
Wait for me..x))

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