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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jie Muisss' Day

Today is Wed..I have no class for today..
And I hang out with my college Jie Muisss today..
We plan to shopping together for so long already but too busy with our assignments and class replacement on the past few weeks..Finally today free..:)
But start from tomorrow again..BUSY!!
Have to discuss for our Media Ethnic assignment tomorrow morning..9am have to reach Grace place to discuss and next week have to done with my International Relations assignment..I not even start that assignment yet..GOSH!! Later have to do the treatment for my TV commercial..And wanna do some research for the tutorial class tomorrow..=.= So many things have to do..:(
Actually I type these just want to remind myself..what I need to do later..x)) hahas..
So just ignore that..

This morning, I woke on 7.30am..
I have to wake up early to prepare for today..Cz I want to take many many pictures for him..
I did snap many pictures after I put on my lens and some basic make up..
Make up jor = Didn't make up
Not much different at all
I did change 5 shirts before I go..x)

The 1st one is singlet..Blue one..
2nd one is black singlet..
3rd one is purple one..
Then I change to Mc Donald Tee shirt again..x)
Which is the one I wearing in this picture..x)
Then I change again..

Finally I pick this lala shirt
Really looks like a seafood..
I bought this shirt when I form 4..high school..
Long time didn't wear this shirt already..So I wear this..
Damn hot!!
After decide what to wear..Then I go public bank there meet with Beryl babe..
She curi makan maggie goreng..><''
All of us haven't eat but she eat first..=.=
so sui..Lolz..

Then I go bank with her then Michelle Babe drive to GK and meet with us..
I'm so rich today..

After that we go to meet with Grace babe..
She is LATE
We lepak at her house there..
And I did borrow her PC to online awhile
Webcam with my love..

Then Grace babe keep on kacau him..
''Don't touch my babe''
haha..I will remember this bii..
I Love you..

After that we go and park the car at college, then we take bus to Bukit Bintang

Here is our group picture
Thanks to our photographer Bibi Chris..:)
He help us to take this picture
We taking our brunch at Hu Tong Lot10
Last time I went to that place but FULL..
This's my first time eat there
Next time wanna bring my Love there to eat
I wanna try the sausage there..But need someone share with me..x)
Bii, next time I bring you there ya..x)
We eat together

After brunch, we go Uniqlo to shop..
Our 1st station!
Chris try the Gundam shirt..Nice but too expensive..Hahas..
Then me and babe grace bought a hat for ourselve..
The Uniqlo Hat..x) Finally I can get you home..x)
The promotion shirt I check online not nice at all..=.=
Looks like aunty style..
The mickey mouse shirt is only RM30!!
But too bad...the size too big already...SO I can't buy.. T^T


When the time we wanna go Pavillion..
I wan go Forever 21.. T^T
But we decide to go sungei wang and TS
Cz more things to shop

Then we walk to Lot10 first..
But my shoes wet jor..:(
Luckily me an Michelle did bring umbrella..
If not I also dunno how to shop..
Cz not enough time for us..


Sungei Wang

We go Watson first..Michelle and Grace bought Serum and Beryl bought the contact lens eyes drop.. I get nothing..x)
Then we go Cotton On Body

I bought a short pants, 2 shirts, 1 sexy panty..

Cotton On shirts quality was good..
Smooth and comfort
I did try many shirts there..x)
Spend too much here already

Then we go F.O.S
I bought 1 shirt here

Then we rush to Time Square
Not enough time for us
So rush

Starbucks is the first station in TS
I bought a tumbler there
RM52++(normal price)
Thanks Lih Lin for give me discount..:P
Haha..Next time can bring this tumbler to Genting already
Then we can save RM2 for drinking starbucks
Hor?? Bii??x)

Then we go 3rd floor
I wanna get a new spec
Try so many already but can't get a nice one..
I lost my lovely spec on Genting last time..The time I go with my sister..I lost it when I playing the bumber car..T^T
And the other spec I give to my love liao..
The others I left I think not that suit my style now..

Finally we went to the store which expensive than the others to buy the spec..
Cz the spec I feel suit me is only available on that store
ROMPAK meh??!!!
usually RM9.90 for one lo..
But no choice..It's really hard to find a spec which suit my feel
Cz every spec is different..

Here's the spec we bought
Beryl, Me and Michelle
Grace also get a new one..But she sitting in front..Hard to take picture with her..:(
We looks so oily and tired..haha..This pic I snap in Taxi
Cz we're late..We take Monoreal to Chow Kit then take Taxi back to college
When the time we reach Chow Kit..
Washe!!! Michelle kena kacau again..x)
She's too charming la..x)

Erm..Here is me and babe Grace..
Both of us looks ugly..hahaha..x)
But just want to post our pic here..x)
Cz have no chance to take picture with her...

Here's the end of my day..
Now I waiting for my love to online and cam with me..


I dunno what to do
I felt scare when I face it..


May be I not good enough
So you don't want to admit I'm yours..


It's too hard to guess what people's thinking
What to do?

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