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Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm busy

I can't online at my hostel about 2 weeks time already..Recently I very busy with my assignment..Very hard to do research without internet connection.. :(
This entire week I'm busying with my assignment..Discussion, paper work, presentation, shooting.. Grrr...Really tired..And I get nightmare everynight!! T^T

I wan to be slim and sexy!!x))

May be too long didn't blog already...the words I using so random..=.=
Today is sat..I'm so emo..Sat also have class..:(
And I going class alone..
Close friends not going..Then I join Fiona today..:)
Today class bored as usual..
The lecturer always use her mono tone to teach..Really like talking to herself..
=.= And the lecture hall freaking cold!! And made me headache..
Gonna sick soon??=.=

Monday-Tuesday, I did go for shooting with my production group members..:)
I'm in bibi group for this assignment..
Doing TARC promo..this's the first time I in his production group..:)
Everything going smooth..

Wed-I having my own production group meeting with the Advertising student..
It's the first time I making my own production team...
I really scared I can't do it well..
But my beloved bii did support me..x)
I will try hearder and make all things become better and will make the pre, pro and post production goes smooth..


Thurs-The International Relations presentation..about the Cuban war..Thank you Anthony..x) You really amazing in doing presentation..
My Thursday class end at 7pm..=.= And having the production meeting on this day as well..Phew..
Really tired..

Friday- Lecture and 1 Tutorial class..=.= 3pm end my class and I driving Michelle car from college back to Genting Kelang..x)
I'm steady and PRO!! weeee~~x))
Bii, next time I drive to serdang find u ah..x))
Hiak hiak..x))

The neighbour of mine is moving last two weeks ago..If we can rent their parking lot then I can drive le!!x))
Because we don't have enough parking lots..So I don't have a car to drive..x((

I changed my relation status in FB yesterday..x))
Because someone gekkkk meeee...x)
But it's okay~:P

Just let it be..x)
I'm happy with it and proud with it..Lolz..

Bii, I love you and miss u..:)

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