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Saturday, June 4, 2011

4th June 2011

Today...I should go brogal hill with my jie mui on 4am one..but I ffk them..:( I felt guilty..
Suddenly..I felt like I have many works to do with..I really feel sorry to them..
I sleep on 2 am last night and 9am awake..then start to do assignment research and prepare some other things for this coming week discussion and also have to find out some idea for the 3rd assignment...Media Ethics, Translation, Advertising for E-Media and International relations.. Finally I done some basic research on them and know how to start our assigment..=.= Until I finish up all my stuff..3pm++
Rest awhile and shower, prepare for dinner on 6pm..:)

This morning he did talk with me in Msn..:D
I'm so happy with that..x)
Awhile is enough for me..:) But hor!! ur NOOB msn...=.= cannot video call..x)
Too bad lo..haha


I going for my nephew fullmoon party..
Seri Kembangan there...
I went to my cousin house first..I suddenly have a feel..
People really should appreciate everyone in your them more and love them more..
Love your family and friends..
WHen the time I saw my relatives who falled sick...Phew...Hard life..But still have to stay strong..
Some elder relatives and their friends..They did attend this party as well..It's been a long time from last time we meet...
Hope you all stay healthy and happy..:)

This fatty doggie..:D
Looks silly..Haha...and fat..x)
So cute..=D
Looks like a ball..x)

Here's my nephew..
Hao Hao


Just now when I attend the party..Two of my aunt keep on ask me where's your boy friend??
Everytime when they saw me also asking the same question..
What's my answer??:D
Who knows??:P

And one more thing..
Tomorrow I going to work from 2pm to 11pm..=.=
I didn't know they want me to work that long time lo..
And demand me to cosplay..
I can't imagine who am I tomorrow..=.=

Eris Chew Mun cosplay..

What a month..=.=
Busy and weird ar?
Bii, 117 days to go..:)

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