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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

6th of April

Today is my Final exam

My first paper, Malaysia Cultural and Practice

I have already put many afforts in this subject

Keep on study and study

Hope I can get a good result on this paper


Today HJ^2 is going back to JB already

I did try my best to stay with him today!


Taking bus and spending some times with him after exam

I am so sorry that i get jealous easily

Actually there is nothing..

As I know..I will try my best to make myself better

I have another paper on this Sat


The federal constitution in Malaysia made me crazy

So hard to understand and so complicated to amend a law

haha..And the system is damn hard to memorize it..

Today raining leh..

So shit that I didn't bring umbrella to college, is not I can walk under a umbrella with you one..

waste already..T^T

HJ^2, next time I will bring umbrella all the time

No worries..


Why do I keep on repeating the things about you?


You are a part of my life..

I glad that I have my day with your apperance..

Hope everythings will going to be okay soon..

And I would like to write my blog to fullfill myself..

Unbalancing of my physical status now..


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