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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Who cares?

An insomnia night again

Freaking tired for now..:(

Too much of things going through my brain..

Sometime, I felt like I am a life jacket for you,

I did protect you and care you, but you didn't care,

Because you know that I will always be there;

Sometime, I felt like I am a life buoy for you,

You grab me when you need me,

Abandon me when you have the others.

I know you are the wrong person for me.

Everyone wasn't perfect as you said.

Out looking really not that important..

When people goes old, their beauty will fade..


If the one with you is very sexy and pretty,

What if She getting fatter?

Are you going to abandon her?

And what if there's a better choices, which is more hot and sexy and pretty than the girl you have,

What will you going to do?

Changing new target?

Have a better choice then just go for it?

I hope you won't be this kind of person..

I hope you can be okay..

I know I am nothing to you..

And you also know that I am leaving soon?

400++ days..

It's not easy to make it...

The way is hard to stay..

Many blood and tears I leave..

Today, when I stop by here and turn back..

It's complicated and touching..

We work so hard to maintain this relationship/friendship..

It's really not easy for us to walk until today..

You are my friend,

I really didn't think about those couple things on you again..

I will find my real man..

A man who really love and care me,

Who can really protect me..

Who is mature..

I hope you can stay strong...

You still have your family and friends..

Two niu niu and one bear bear..

Find a girl who can really take care of your family,

Find a girl who really care about you,

Find a girl that mature,

Find a girl who really love you,

Find a girl who is not a clubber..:)

Best wishes from me to you..

Wish you will be success in your life..

Wish you will get your happiness..

Wish you will become mature..


By: Eris Chew Mun

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