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Friday, April 8, 2011

My 100th post

Today is the time for my 100th post

Yes, Absolutely, I am upset again

I very very emo and unhappy

Because of the unmature people keep on making something to annoyed me

Misunderstanding me.

No matter friendship nor relationship, It's also important for me

Why do you guys keep on talking and humilating each other?

And finally, shoot to me.

What did I do?

It's really unfair to me...

I did admit what I did wrong last time, but this time you say that I am terrible again..

For the same issue...

And for the other side...

The one who have a really great imagination, please behave yourself..

You did keep on humilating me and him...It's really enough already

What you wanna said, point to me is really enough..

Although all people are keep on shooting to each other,

Just want to protect our ownself..

But I already did my works..

I already don't want to read on yours post..

Already don't want to care...

But why still keep on doing like this?

I am not acting..

I didn't mean to talk about anyone bad's behind..

And I won't humilate someone in the public..

I didn't betray each of you..

I trust...But what I get? It's the real answer for me?

How many tears I left on this whole night?

I having my life...

I having my exam tomorrow afternoon..

And I did messed up my life now..

Dear yi,

I really appreciate the night with you..

You really cheering me with your supportive..

Because you really know what happened to me and also my feeling..

By the way you scolding me, I also appreciate it..


Thank you...

And for myself..

I really hate people misunderstanding me...

And if I did something, I will admit it..

If not, please...Don't said I did something I didn't did..

I am having my life..

I will not on my FB again..

I swear...

It's already enough for me..

I don't want I cry again because of this kind of issue again..

You guys never know how hurt am I..

I really hurt...

Last night I have a very witch thinking..

I was thinking to end my life...


Like last time..Those teenagers who did as well..

Post on FB...

saying that Daddy Mummy, I LOVE you..

Sorry to be your daughter..

But It's not right..

Those people who getting abandon,

People won't think that you very pity..

Won't give you a tissue paper and cheer you up..

They will just looking down to you..

Even you get into an accident..

They will also have no feeling at all..

And won't care how much you get injured..

If you death, it's good for them..

And if you said I betrayed you..

I will get my punishment in the future?

I think you are the one who should face it..

Cz u already did..

You have no much friends already based on what you did in your life

Well...It's my blog here...

You are welcome to said what you want and humilate me again in your FB nor blog...

People will know the truth.

You no need to lie to yourself and living in your cyber and fantasy world.

I not dunno how to fight..

I just don't want to fight back..

People, please be mature a bit.

But it's useless already..

cuz you guys never care about who really treat you with heart.

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