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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Finish Exam

Now my mood is damn BAD

I can't believe that what the stupid paper asking those stupid questions!

It's totally different with the past years paper!

My life is tatally GG now!

After end my exam,

I did consider on my own problem again

I back to emo status

I totally cannot cheer up after I end my exam

Those problems which cannot be solve in this whole year!

Many peoples did told me I am terrible and freaking annoyed.

Yea, I did admit it again!

What for?

Yea...I am asking myselve!

What for?

The answer for you is totally very obvious for you already...

People just want to be a normal friend for you but not in a relationship again!

You know that!

But what for???!!!!

I really hate myself on doing such of stupid thing again then people scold me again!

Know what he like nor dislike but still keep on practicing the same false!

You guys totally dunno how I feel!!!


What I want?

What I face?

I really upset, helpless!!!

I try to be strong!

But how??!

From my past until now,

I totally helpless.............

Like to remain silence...



I know you want me to be happy...

But I really can't

What to do if you was me?




It's not that easy than you talk

It's not easy as what you think

It's not that easy, It's complicated


May be until the time I death, it's the formation to solve it


1 comment:

Ryuu said...

nice ..
i wish to say this words long time already

although now very late already ut still wish u , happy holiday ~