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Friday, April 29, 2011

I am shy

Oh yeah!

Finally my break time start~


Last night was my last day working for my part time job~


When my sem break start,

I feel like I very busy leh..=3=

Busy working and emo?


But now no more emo..:D

I have my guardian to cheer me up..xD

Hiak hiak~

Working at PC fair and running road show for two different company..xD

Very happy when I working with you guys..

But hor...

Hope the one who fetch me can be on time la..=3=

Everyday also have to wait for 35mins ++


And those female customers hor..



very Horrible, Terrible, Vegetable and Cucumber la..><''

Will scold people geh..

And like I want kao their boy like that..

Talking rude to me..



I wanna diet...


People who know me will said: Har?? again ar? =.= u will success geh meh?


Cz I always mean it but never been success..xD



So relax~

I keep on watch a Taiwan drama--Next Stop, Happiness


Very Very touching drama

Keep on cry cry cry while I watching it..


I long time didn't when for movie le..


Can someone bring me out?


Next week I hanging out with my babes la..xD

wait for so long jor~xD

Hope all things will going smooth la~:D


I want shopping and talk with my jie muis~


Looking forward for my birthday la~:D

today is 29th April..

Still have one month time..

Ngam Ngam..xD

I really hope my dream will come true on this year...

Cz I wait for 20 years jor..


My dream~~

My dream...xDDD


It's Not easy to find someone who can really talk with

It's Not easy to find someone who can understand you

Appreciate people around you..


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