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Saturday, April 30, 2011

End of April

I am so lonely today~


Always staying home alone..

Not going out also..


This morning I woke up very early la~

I want to have a hair cut one..

But dunno why, Seems like all Saloon also full


No people wanna do my business


I want to cut coconut hair la~


Cute ma~


My hair style now very hard to take care..

Hope my hair can grown faster and longer..

I have to blow my hair everytime before I went out..

If not? My hair will looks like a mop..=.=


Really regret to cut my hair..D:

But just one month time only leh..

I cut my hair on 18th March..

Then now only April..


Then I go and find my Mummy la~

I did work as a part-timer there before la~xD

Then I go there chat with those workers there~

And wait my mum off la~

Then we walking home together~


Then after home,

They all have their date..


I am alone again..=3=


What should I eat for my dinner har?


Cup Noodles again..=3=




It's the last day for April~



I should make a conclusion for this month~


A very stressful month~

I having my final exam in the begining of the month...

And we emo for my complicated relationship? =3=

But finally it did end already..




Actually working is okay one..

But there's some accident during my work make me very upset..


But when the work is end..

I meet someone..


This people very geng one..

I meet him many times already before that..

But he cannot recognize me..


Then finally I know how to smile jor lo..

Thank Kiu ha..:p



A month which is not that bad compare with last month la~

Because my guardian did step into my life and protect me..

Protect my smile..


Next month is my MONTH!!

Oh yeah!

My birthday..xD

Hope it's a good begining of my new life chapter..

Study hard, study smart..

Working hard, working smart..

Appreciate what I have now..

Reject gossip..=.=

9th of May is time for my last semester..

Hope everything go smooth..

And I didn't step on your tail, please behave..

Don't kacau me la..

I just wan a peaceful life..

I don't want to be famous,

I don't want to be the best,

I didn't talk about yours bad..


Just stay away from me la..

Thank you for your co-operation..

1 comment:

Ryuu said...

haha , see see!
ur new hair style .
anyway , be happy lah , for everything, because it happened ~