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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Last Paper- Sat

Today is the last paper for my final

Hope I can get good result for it

Last night, finally I can sleep

Insomnia for so long

But my brain did keep on appear those bad memories too


I think I will keep on emo if I still care it or what?

The things they did to me...

Yea, I did did wrong..

I admit it..

But what about you?

You did did wrong as well...

But I don't like you guys..

I have no chance to fight back..

I already tired and get used to it..

I also dislike people keep on giving comment on me..

Not just both of you...

The one who win is both of you..

Be a loser like me, better keep on silent and accept what you both did to me...

Keep on lower down my standard..

I am just like a piece of shit I think...

How you guys treat me huh?


Really speechless and disappointed!


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