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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Teenager Nowadays

So sorry..I use this picture for my post again...Lolz..Cz this's the most nice lala look for me..:) And I have to find a picture which match with the title I wanna write for this post~

Recently, there's many violence happened among those high school students..

Those people are really childish and thought they are powerful and want to be famous? They recorded the video of they bully those weak one and post to the web..=.=

Slap them, cut their hairs? Grrr... Some take off their cloths... And many others version la..

Hello? You all okay or not?

Relationship is much more important than their family?

Hmm...Majority la..

Really faint..

May be my thinking is too oldish, not as updated as you guys..But it's too much for those 13 y/o girls make up to school, start their relationship from kindergarden..=3=


I still remember that time, I read a biodata from a 9 y/o girl..

The thing I want to have now: Iphone4, Ipad2

The thing most important to me now: My handphone, My computer


Hello! 9 y/o only eh!!

Know how to spend but dunno how to earn..Grrrr...

Actually I post this post is because I saw some post from FB..

Those teenagers..

I really beh tahan...


If I'm a guy..I prefer mature girls..not that leng lui I also ok..

Leng Lui but childish? F*** OFF!!!

Those who kena bully...Most of them not that pretty..

And those who bully people one, they think they looking good..

And some who have enough confident, they slap on people face..



God bless my children..Thank you...

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