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Sunday, May 15, 2011


I am weird..My life is very dramatic..Sometimes I really dunno what to do when I face those problem. You can said that I am useless, but it won't last forever! I have my good..Although I am not that pretty but still consider as ok; although I am fat but still consider as ok; although I can't sing like a professional singer but I still consider as ok; although I not that clever but I still can read,write,speak and study normal! I can't fight like you, I don't like to quarrel with people, I don't like people talk about me.. I just want to live in peace.. Don't make my life more complicated can? I have my own life..I just want to have a normal life..Don't mess up with me again please..I will try to handle all of it..

Many unhappy things happened to me in past few months..But I have my life now..I can smile like before, enjoy my life like before..I have someone light up my life, pull me from the darkside of myself..Dear, please trust me..I really love you..I know you will read my blog..But I really okay! really..Just want you to know that...I akhem akhem you..:)

May be I not enough sleep, so I got a little bit tired..but I also felt like wanna say these things out..Many words appear in my mind..I have no one to tell..Because it's not important..So I write it out..

Is it an emo post?=.= I also tak tau..

But I just tired la..Not enough sleep..

No one is perfect in this world..Don't expect too high, and I am not that bad!

Love is all about trust, if you lost confident with your partner, it's over..

Confidence..Is from your partner, you have to let your love to trust every single word you tell..

And what you tell, I will trust..


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