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Monday, May 2, 2011

A great Night


Last night I hanging out wif my 5G gangs~

Oh yeah babeh..XD

It's been a long time le~

Last night we watch the A Chinese Fairy Tales in MBO at Desa Petaling there

When the time I get on to PC car, I was so excited ..:D

But when the time we walk into the cinema..

Someone sit on our seats...

Then ok lo..

The one who sit behind me..

Walau!! I really felt like want to slap them!

Keep on kick my seat and said rude words!




After 10mins like that, someone came in and said we sit on their seats?!

Grrrr...Then we change seat again..

I sibeh beh song la yer!!


Well, Back to the movie first..

This's the movie we watch..:)

Actually it's the second version for this story

The first version named A Chinese Ghost story shoot on year 1987

It's a Hong Kong comedy film

Actually for this movie, there's a animation version as well

The Storyline and plot for this movie is not as good as the old version one


The actors performing skill can be improved

My jie mui said this movie is very touching wor...

Then she cried when the main character is death..


But for me..

So so only la..

Gv this movie 3 star..



After Movie~

We go to Cowboy town for dinner..:)

All of us are hungry..@.@

Then we chat awhile~

Then eat eat eat~



Then chat chat chat~

Gossip Gossip..


Then we plan to Mhun Yee house on the coming Sat..:)

Her Birthday Party..xD

Hiak Hiak~~

After that,

Our 835 and Lei Fong jie going for 2nd round..:)

Wei Kuan House..xD


Too bad ying is not with us..:(

Miss you so much..T^T

When the time we walk into kuan's room..


We saw something on the bed..


A vibration massage tool..xDD

Then we turn it on and pass it around..


Then many Funny staff happened in that moment..xD

SO touching and Happy..xD


Then Lai send me home..:x

So gan zheung..xD


Then after home hor..


sms sms sms..

Then my phone ringing..



Before I sleep also have something good happened..


After ur exam we movie together la~:D

Chill and steady..:D

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