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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Birthday is COMING

This Birthday card is from Joanne Chuah, my beloved sis..:) Hahas..She did send me one Birthday card as well last year~I really appreciate it dear, THANK YOU!! :)

I hope can get a new wallet for myself on my birthday..As a present for myself la..I never buy a present for myself on my birthday! Hahas..I online search for coach wallet..I think I still can affort it..But have to get my salary first! May be after my birthday I will buy one..:) Or should I buy android phone? Or should I save money first??=,= Grrr..Better to buy nothing now la.. I should save money first..

Today, I very bored! But I think I should start study huh? Tomorrow morning 10.30am have to go for facial..Or should I go back to GK? or Monday? or I should pack my things first? These problem is always annoying me..:( I am emo again..  I'm alone in my home now..T^T

This post is just want to exercise my fingers la..Cz I felt like want type something, then I can have something to do..:)

I did edit my blog layout! Did you guys mention it? Haha..I looking for those counter and emoticon..=.= Cz I am bored..=.=

Start from monday, I think I wil be busy again! I will fight for this sem, I want to graduate! I need to do something! I will work hard for my assignment and my exam! yay! I say it, I mean it!


Time passed so fast.. It's already 21 of may now..10 more days, he's leaving M'sia to US..Then I have to wait for 121 days! I will learn to be patient! :) Muahaha~
My Birthday is just in the corner..I already get my best birthday present..x) That is the one I love..Haha..

20 years old, I become mature..
20 years old, I found the people who can actually make me smile..
20 years old, I meet the one who can give me happiness..
20 years old, I getting older..
20 years old, am I still a teenager?

No more childish..I did learn many things from my past..
I am growing up...:)
Time to put a full stop to my past, and time to start a new paragraph for my life..
With my guardian..
Walking to our new journey..

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