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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Work or don't?!

Today I woke around 11am like that, then very excited because I think I going to get a new part-time job soon..Then around 3pm, I went to Old Town there meet with Fung Fung and Boey..When I saw the Amway thingy, I already say no to them! But after I heard what they said, I think it's okay la...Online workshop...And last time my friend work for it that time he failed! =.= I try my best la.. Success or not it's still unknown...I will TRY...=.=

My mum scold me ahhh...But at last she also said I happy then ok already..And I will try to work for it..Find more part-time job, earn more! And I will use my salary on a right way de la..=.=
Don't talk about the bad on this job to me..><'' I know what is happening..And I know how hard to work on it...I have my style..I can just leave it if I don't want..Right? But..ya..I will still TRY..=.=

Waitress? I hate to be waitress already..=.=
Singer? Pressure la..T^T
Typist? The company is gone..x)
Promoter? Tired but can get good salary..:)
What else? haha..x)
Get marry and no need work lorr~~x)

Today is my Birthday..For chinese calendar one la.. :)
Officially 20 y/o already? Hmm..

I think I need some rest..My brain is tired..I am tired..For what?
I think many things recently la...x) cz I'm poor!! I need my salary badly!
Those who owe me money one..Please la..=.=

I should be happy! Smile!
Work = income
No work = no income

I will work hard for my life! Chase for my own happiness..:)

This FRIDAY!! :)
Movie time.. :)
Looking forward on the day that you love me..

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