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Friday, May 6, 2011

6th May 2011

Today is the new opening of Uniqlo in KLCC

I missed the chance to get the Limited Edition of my beloved one piece tumbler...


Really felt like to cry now..

When the time my eldest sister home..She told me that uniqlo shirt is buy 1 free one in this morning! And when I check the fans page..People said that the queue is not that long today compare with the farenheith 88 there..=3=

GG...Even alone...If I still have the chance...I dun want to miss it again..


Goodbye my beloved one piece tumbler and tee shirt...

This, is my beloved Amily babe..:)
She's one of my close friend from my college..
We join the same co-cu last time..Hand ball..xD
She's very nice and cute la..:D
A very good friend to be with..:)
Thanks for meet with me my dear..

This early morning I woke up and get prepared
Shower and blow my hair and a simple make up..:D
I dunno why I wanna put on the stupid cap...Haha..
so hard to take pic..><''
But it's good also..:D
People will be curios about my face..xD
SO MANY people look at us today..
Leng Lui gua?

Once we meet up, then we start shopping..

I bought so many things today..



Haha..My silly girl gift me something again..><'' nyer...make me shy lor..

Thank you my dear..:) next time don't buy things for me again le la..ok?:D

Really appreciate this silly friend..:D


We went into so many shops..@,@.. Then we go to Ninja Joe for lunch..:) The 'Babi Burger' as someone named it...xD Hahas... It's my first time to have Ninja Joe burger..=.= Taste not that good...But the frieds is niceeee..:D May be next time I should try the tempura as well..=3= Then we go poppye for second station..Lolz.. But I didnt eat la..xD Amily eating the mashed potato..:D small one..:D then we chat awhile there lor..Then continue shop again~:)

Then is the time for photoshooting..Haha..When the time we wanna take pics, so many uncle and aunty look at us..=3= Then we decide went to the garden toilet to take pic..Lolz

Here's the pic we snap in the toilet..xD
Haha...But there's still have someone look at us..=3=
The aunty who jaga the toilet..=3=
After that then we go home le..><''
It's really a great day with you Amily..:D
Thank kiu bao bei..:D
Hope we can hang out again la..:D

This is me again la..
This pic I snap in the morning..
I going for dinner with my family later..
To celebrate Mother's day..:)

Hiak Hiak..
Today snap so many pics..
And kinda happy la..:)
But too one piece..:(

14 days to go..

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