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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Guys become mature Because of Girls

The puppy Love, The First one..
He doesn't know everything..
He did wrote some love letters for you,
Affraid to buy flowers for you,
Affaird to call you in the public..

First Time holding youre hand..He did plan it and consider for two days..Before he take action, he did hesitate for half an hour..
First Time he said I LOVE YOU..HIs face is Blush, and his body is tremble..
First time he Kiss you, He scared you will afraid about what he did..He will ask for your permission...
When both of you are together and have nothing to do with, he will only look on you with his silly face..And will just smile with no reason..
When you ask him who's the onw you love tthe most?
He won't lie to you..He will just answer: My Mum..:)
When you ask: Will you marry with me in the future?
He will get stun and tell you: I never think about this question before..@.@


The Second one..Girlfriend?
He will buy flowers for you, treat your roommate for a meal, be freind with your friends..
He will said I Love You, by holding your hand, run to the waterfall in the center of your school, hugging you in that romantic moment...HE GET YOU!
When the time you said yes to him..He will kiss you..
He said: GF should help her BF wash cloths, and do take care of his daily life needed..:)
When the time you ask him: Who's the one you love the most?
He will think for awhile..
And answer: You..
You ask: Do we have future?
He answer: Do you willing to go my hometown with me?
Sometimes...He will still remember his ex..
He will said..That time I still young..I know nothing..


The Third one.. Girlfriend?
He will said: Although I have nothing..But I have a heart which Love you.. Please turst me..We will be happiness..
So~~Both of you going to a strange city and stay together..
To save money, both of you rent a small house with a very simple kitchen and toilet..
Every single morning you will woke more earlier than him, prepare breakfast for him then only you go for work..
After work, you will buy something to cook for him on the way you going home..
He said: Having you, I'm the most HAPPINESS man in this world..
Occasionally, he will wash the plates, mop the floor and wash the cloths..
He said: Let's get married when we have enough saving.. :)
His mother come over and help yours to change the bed sheet..
She said: The house must be clean always, only can live with comfort..
You follow him back to his hometown..
He said: My dad said you not that pretty compare with my first GF..


The Fourth one..Girlfriend?
He said: I felt comfort when I be with you..
On the night he send you home, he stay over night at your place.
He know how to take care of you, and always give consideration on you..
He always know what does a women need, what they like to listen and what they like..
Before you ask something form him, he already give you the surprice..
He will buy junk food for you, will make supper for you..
The thing you look aver 3 times, he will buy for you on the second day..
When he buying a house, he will write your name on the owner column..
When his mother saw you, she will said: Both of you getting older already! Let's get married!
You will felt that you're happiness and accept his ring..
One day, when you stalking his computer, you will saw his love letter for his ex-gf..
By telling yours story, and he will said: These are all of the things I wanna do for you..But I dunno how to do and don't have the qualification..


All of us hope to have the other half of us is gentle and thoughfulness..
But there's no man will know how to take care of a women once they born..
Most of the good man, are trained by women..
So..When the time we having a good man beside us, we should know that we are enjoying the things given by the last girl did..
May be...In every man's heart, there will have a person they can't forget..
This time..Don't get jealous, and don't try to destroy it..
Because..In every single life of a people, they should have something good with them...
Just like us..There might have some man will think of us as well..
Allow your man to have a shadow in his heart..But it's just a shadow!
No worries for that shadow will effect your appearance now..
Belive that memories is good..
And you should know that tomorrow will be more beautiful..x)



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