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Monday, May 16, 2011

Sleepy mood ON

Today..Early morning I take LRT to college..Cz tomorrow is Wesak day~And I have no class on wed..So I going back to my hometown again..Lolz..Recently It's very danger at Genting Kelang area there la!! Got two crazy indian guys splash acids to people! And my hostel there no one home..So I better go home ba? :D hahas... Actually I born a day after Wesak day..According to the chinese calendar, my birthday is on this wednesday..haha..x) Well~

I not enough sleep ahhh!! Felt sleepy and tired all day long! Early morning..The class was bored! The tutor like talking with no confident, and I dunno what is she talking about..So hard to get her point..=.= May be not enough sleep gua..=.=

After first class, me and Beryl babe go canteen 2 there..Washe!!! FULL OF FRESHIE!! No place to eat...Then we heading to cafeteria..After brunch, we go pondok behind block v there chat and sleep..:) SO SLEEPY!! =.=

1pm..We go for translation class...We need to translate BM into BI..washe!! SO HARD!! haha..x) I think I should blog in BM some times liao~x) Bahasa Melayu saya tak baik, saya ingin guna bahasa melayu untuk menulis blog saya, saya nak improve bahasa melayu saya..Lolz..But exam time can bring in 6 dictionary maximum..x) haha..but still have to do more reading..=.= Have to read malay newspaper already..No more chinese and eng?=.= muahaha~ Killing me..x)

Then I go KL central after class la~:) Grrr..the counter aunty so unfriendly! No customer also dun wan serve me nicely! Hello! ...

Then I go home la~Then I make burger as my lunch..:)

Haha..Burger...My Mr.Burger...


Linkin Park! Their songs are ROCK! Nice band la..:)

Hmm~I found out that many of my friends know this band as well..But I know their songs but dunno them..OMG...I am too outdated..T^T

Muahaha~~But I know them from now jor, hope it's not that late la~:)

Raping, Singing, Instrumental..Awesome..:)


Have to rest well le~Assignment..


My busy life is gonna begin soon..>,<''

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