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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Light up My life




Today is the 1st date for me and my dear..

So excited!

Hahas..I woke so early and get prepared..Although I just dress up normal..But really take lots of time to get prepare lo..x)

After I done prepared then I wait for my dear to fetch me for lunch~SO HUNGRY..x)

Around 1pm like that my dear reach jor, then we go STATION 1 for lunch~

This's my boss and me la~x)


Leng mou?x)

Washe!!The fish fillet rich I order ar, like eating stone ohhhh...=3=



But still happy la~No matter where we go, I just want to to stay with me..You bring the happiness to me, you light up my life..x)

After that~

We go somewhere la~To take pics..:)


One of our group photo~

It's the 1st time we took pics together..❤


Tada~My dear holding my hand while driving~:)


Dating around 6 hours~


Thank you dear for giving me such a good memories with you..


After home...Time for second round?:P

I hanging out with my Jie Muisss~

And he hanging out with his heng daiiii~



1st Station---> SweetHut~

Something special happened...

Ah Ling!! x)

Haha, she went to the shop beside...The tim bun gor gor there..x)

Step into the wrong location..Very yu lor~x)

Me,Yi,Kuan,Ling,and Kar Chi~X)


Too bad just few of us going, cz we suddenly only decide came out..

Cz something happened one day before that..


Then suddenly only they got their transport, then only we can hang out..><''

Hope next time gathering will have more people can attened la..

After drink, we suddenly decide to sing k at E-box there..

Cz Kar Chi is working there, so we have special discount..:)

Second Station---> E-Box!!

So~~This is Kar Chi, Me and Ling..From left to right

Boleh tengok tak??X)

And me with Ling~:)

Looks like promoter girl hor?

Promoting those beer one..x)

Guess what are we drinking??:P

Ling really looks like Linda Chung lorr..=3=~


It's been a loooooong time I didn't sing K already...

I was like having my own concert when I singing...


Shuang ahhhh...x)

But Yi have to go back earlier..><''

Next time have to sing lao po with her again..:)


Cassidy Tan..:)

Thank you..:)


Dear I LOVE you..

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