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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wesak Day

Today is Wesak day~Early in the morning I waken by my mum..8am!! GG...hahas..

Me and my parents going to the temple located at Pudu there..:)

So many people la..x)

I'm so sleepy and tired...=.= I want go for blood donation one..But my glucose is low, so cannot donate..I should wait for my college blood donation campaign?

=.= Then my finger putih putih punch jor a hole..haha..x)


After breakfast then we go Pudu pasar there, washe!! The pasar is smelly and the road is wet..Those selling fish and chicken one..=.= And there're many people there..><'' So hard to buy things la..So I said: 'Woman is pasar is SEXY! and I'm sexy...' Lolz..xD Woman go pasar to buy staff for their family, everyday going this kind of places, cook for family..So san fu..=.= It's hot! It's smelly! But now my mum is going those shopping complex now la..Haha.. better than last time la..Now opposite my house there have a trade city some more..More convenient ah..Haha..Air-condition supply, trolley supply, and those staff are fresh~x) Recently my mum like to ask me :' Ah Mun ah, want go NSK with me?x) I want buy wat wat wat ahhh..' Haha..She really like to go there..x)

For me..If I wanna do something for my family and the one I love..You want me go Pasar everyday I also OK ah! Haha..x) Woman are brilliant! Haha..x)


I'm sleepy right now..

Just want to post a short short post, then napping time..x)



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