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Monday, May 9, 2011

Seven and Eight

Report time..:)

I hope can update my blog in these days but too busy..><''


Too many event have to attent..:)

7th of May

Mhun Yee's Big DAY ❤

Early in the morning, me and my Jie Muis Hang out


Yi, Kuan, Ling, Lei Fong Jie and Meeeee..:)

We gather at Bukit Jalil LRT station early in the morning~

Well, as usual..xD

Ling late again..haha..

Once we reach Time Square we go for movie lu~

We watch the Fast and Furious 5 a.k.a Fast 5


Here's the Movie


The shooting skill, Performing Skill, Plot, Setting


Justin Lin--The Director

It's really a great movie

Hope I can watch it again


5 stars for this movie..xD

After Movie then we go for lunch and bought Mhun Yee's Birthday Present

Then we back to Bukit Jalil and wait for PC fetch us


All of us are tired..

Then we play a game..

Slient for 5 mins when we meet up with PC


Because everytime when we get on the car,

We---non stop talking

But this time...When we get on the car, all remain silent

Then Pc asked: What you guys do in TS there ah?

5 of us: ....

PC: ... Why no people answer me geh? T^T

Hahas...Then all of us Laugh out loud..xD

It's really weird for us if we didn't talk lor..xD

Once we reach Mhun Yee's house, give her a great big hug first, then kiss her


I meet with my long lost Jie Mui--Li Ping there..


Then keep on talk to her lor~:)


Happy Birthday Mhun Yee..:D


I felt sorry to my guardian le..:(

I felt barbarous


Sorry ah..><''

But when I get home..Thanks for calling me..❤


You really a great man..xD

The next day

8th of May

Today is a busy day again


Early in the morning I have to get back to Genting Kelang


Afternoon that time go to Ken house~

Happy Birthday la Ken...:D

In Ken house, I keep on play the PS3

Resident Evil...My favourite game..><''

I am Pro on PS 1 and 2 Resedent Evil..

Resident evil 1,2,3,4

I'm Pro!

But this time..

My first time playing the Resident Evil 5


So noob la me..

Then the si fu---Ken's Brother come and teach me, and play with me..

It's the multiplayer mood


On 5pm, then we get home lu~~

I ate maggie as my dinner..=3=



My guardian come and meet with me..


He fetch me back to GK at night..


Traffic Jam awhile..

I was so shy!

Heart beating fast..


Then he send me upstair la...

Zhu, Thank You..


I felt happy when I be with you

And I felt Happiness now..

I won't forget what you talk to me..:)



Good Luck and all the Best for your exam

I counting down..:)

11 days to go for our day

20 days to go for our birthday


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