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Thursday, May 5, 2011

So emo T^T

Today I woke at 9am

Going for facial today


Obviously, I not enough sleep

When the time I facial-ing,

Ms.F talked to me..

She said she felt comfort when chat with me..

From our conversation, she said she know that I'm different from the others customers

Those who only will chase for branded things, smoke, club, crazy..

She said I'm mature enough and praise me I'm a good girl..

Haha...I kinda happy when I heard that..

People praising me..xD

hehe..Thanks Ms.F


After facial..

I'm home~

Tomorrow, there's a new opening of Uniqlo in KLCC!

First 500 customers will get a free beg and pruchase up to RM200 will get a free bottle!


I really hope I can get them..

Including Monster Hunter and One Piece tee...T^T

I want them..T^T

But I have to queue up there alone on 8am..@.@

Should I go?

I still considering..><''

But I really hope I can get them home..T^T


Tomorrow is time for me to dating with my Amily babe..:)

It's been a long time..:D

Miss her so much..


Today, may be I'm too free?

May be I'm bored?

May be I not enough sleep?

may be I think too much again?


I emo le..

Always think that I'm alone..

Sorry ah Guardian..


I just lost something from my life..

SOmething important for me..


What's wrong with me?

I'm totally lost..

Hope after today I will be okay..

Not dare to be flirty again..

Even for the one I love..

Although I not that flirty la..=3=

For those who I don't like,

If you flirt me you know what will happened geh la..











Thanks for understanding me

Thanks for trying to accept me..

Thanks for what you did to me..

Don't felt guilty, because you're not..

No matter what decisions you make..

I will respect..


Next week morning class...



Ga Yau for my last sem in Diploma..

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