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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What a Day againnn..

Today~I have no class~So I have to stay alone in my hostel all day long...I try to sleep until afternoon but I can't..T^T..

Around 11am something, I jump up from my bed and turn on my PC then brush my teeth..After I washed up, I searching for my college web site and check for my result! ...



Still consider as OK for my result..=.= But not good enough..Geez
I hate the M'sia Framework and Policies..Grrrrr
This sem I must study harder and harder..=.=

Then I go for brunch with Yi, and I go visit my grandma then go my aunt house..


This is my favourite game--Resident Evil 3
After I transferred pics to my cousin, then I go into his room..
Tada!!! I saw PS1 and PS2 there..xD

I wanna play Resident Evil 3..><''
But too bad..The game cannot load at all..

I'm a pro player for this game :)

Just like this game la..
And also the Movie of Resident Evil..
Like the way they kill the zombies..:)


I really bored today!
Dunno what to do at all!!
And the weather is HOT!
I'm melting!

Tomorrow class from 12-2pm..
Friday class from 12-2pm as well..

How can I survivie??


Don't flirt me..
I already taken by someone!

Looking forward for this Sat and next friday..><''
Time go faster please!!!

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