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Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Great Great Night

Wee~My BIG BIG face pic~ Snapped by my cambbie~:)
I going to celebrate the 520 with my beloved boy boy~haha..:P
Before 9pm, he come and fetch me already~
You're so sweet! X) Haha..Both of us wearing white.. We going to watch the movie Fast Five!
When we reach the cinema...=.= GG many people there! And most of the tickets sold OUT! The new showing movie Pirates of the Caribbean is making those people crazy! Almost all of the show is full house! OMG! =.=
Our Fast 5 also..=.= We have no choice but to watch the 12.30am show..Haha..x) We have 3 hours free time, nothing to do..Then we walking around in MV la.

We looking for Starbucks~:) Hiak Hiak~

This's my boss~:) We're drinking my favourite Green Tea..x) He's stealing my picture to his phone..Lolz..x) Then I did the same as well la~:) I curi curi snap his pic..SO LENG ZAI..haha..x)
We spend around an hour there, then we walking around again~Then he bring me to a place, which is very very suit for couple pak to one..x) haha.. We sit there and chat chat chat~ Planning what to do on next week~He's so so so so so so so  busy! >,<''


Around 12 something, we going up for movie lu~

''This, is BRAZIL''
Haha..This the dialogue which speaken by Dom in this scence with this pose! This movie really great! Their shooting skill..The angle they make...Washe!!! But there's one thing which looks more nicer than this movie..The person sit beside me...Haha...I keep on kap him when the movie is showing...x) But the show really great! I will watch it again..x) Haha..

I really appreciate it..Watching our first movie, which the movie I like...With the person I love..:)

The show end around 3am something..When I'm home it's around 4am le..SO LATE! I skip my class this morning..=.= Can't awake.. T^T

That's my day..Our day ❤

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hubby said...

i oso remember wat happen after moviee tim X)!!!