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Thursday, May 5, 2011


I still very emo and keep on think many negative things just now..

But suddenly..

I saw a post from my cousin..

She said..

Life is short, appreciate every moment in your life..


I felt like I should appreciate what I have now..

Although I lost something important..But there's other important things in my life..

My positive power is BACK!!


IGNORE those negative things la..

Read too much negative post from those FBker..

Read too much of negative sms..

Received phone call which make me emo..

These all things!

F*** OFF...xDD

Yea, there's something bad happened for me in these few days..But I have someone with me..You're special for me..:)

I should remember those good moments with you..

Blow out those bad memories..

I will have something good in my future!

Keep going with my attitude..

Chase what I want in my life..

Don't wait for the others, NO MORE DAY DREAMING!



for you..

and for me..


Thanks for make me smile Mr.C


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