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Thursday, May 12, 2011


Yer...Today I going college alone...Most of my friend not going..And all of my close friend not going as well..Seems like it will be a very busy semester again..Have to do production for 3 assignment for the Advertising for E-media..Hmm..No short pants, no slippers, no late for class..Wow..But I like the way of this lecturer teaching..:)

Early in the morning..I felt a little moody..emo again? ..

Hmm...I open a new contact lens..Fresh Kon..=.= Not nice at all...Regret to buy that much..:(

Sigh...So I wear my old lens to college la..


Just now I on FB that time, a stupid fellow post on my wall, ask me to verify my acc...That time, not much people click on that post yet, then I just click it..Not more than 10 secs!! I start to remove those posts from my acc! Damn! It's a virus!!



Dear, thanks for understanding me,

Thanks for always cheering me..

You really a good man..:*

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