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Monday, May 30, 2011

My Birthday Celebration

29th May 2011, my 20th Birthday Celebration.
I snap this pic when I get my 1st birthday present from my College Jie Mui- Michelle, Grace and Beryl Babe..
I really appreciate it..Thanks girls :D


On 28th May night, I still count down my birthday in my room..
I using my phone to on facebook, checking who did wish for my birthday..
Ngam Ngam 12am that time..29th May! He's the first one who wish me for my birthday..
:D hehe~
Thank you dear..I LOVE YOU too!!!
Then I use my phone to online again! 15 mins already over 40++ ppls wish me on my wall..x)
Then My phone was ringing..
Bernard, is the first one who call me..x) But too bad, that time the line was sucks!
Thanks Ber..:D
Yi, my beloved jie mui is the second one call me..x) hehe..Thanks dear..I LOVE YOU!

Then sms is coming from both of my phone..Thanks to u all..:D
I really appreciate it!

Early in the morning, me and my beloved boy boy are going Genting after breakfast..:)
Hehe..He's looking good with the spec..x)
After a long long journey, finally we reach Genting..=.=
I very scared when the agent told me there's no record for my room booking..
But finally we get our room..Lolz..
Before that~
We go and meet with my Grace babe la..:D

Tada~~This's Babe Grace nephew, Hong Yu..:)
He's damn cute la..x)
This pic is snapped by me, and Grace is carrying him..:D
hehe..I did hug Ah B for awhile as well~x)
Haha..He's about to cry when he saw my Mr.C face..hehe..
And when Mr.C carrying Ah B, washeee...xD very sweet lorr~xD
He really suit to be a DADDY leh..haha..


After that we went to starbucks to online awhile and wait for the agent call..
After that we spend around 2 hours to wait for our room..
We saw many lalazai and leng lui there..:D
I still remember the very sexy girl dress up with the sexy blue shirt one..:D
And the funny Mr.Bean on the TV..:)

This is me
I wearing his jacket..:)
And snap this picture with his phone..

Before we going for dinner and hanging around, we snap this picture with my cambbie
I like this pic la..x)
Both of us wearing WHITE again!
White is our color hor?
Everytime when we wanna match the color also white one..


We hanging around to the cable car there and going back to first world there for dinner
After dinner than we hanging around again~
Bii did bought me a ring for my birthday..and also two cute little bear with apple
Yellow= Him Brown=Me?
His skin is really good lor!
Natural Olay and SKII skin?xD

After that we go Ripleys again~
I like to go Ripleys la~
There're so many special things inside!
And this time I going in with someone special somemore!

Look at us!! damn fat!
Fatty Mun and Fatty Shen~

And actually we did make the shadow snap inside, with the pose of a huge LOVE from both of us..But too dark already..can't take pics at all..T^T
But I did save it in my memory..
Thank you Bii..
It's really a special Birthday Present!


And there's somemore special things
He bring me to a place, can see the whole KL view..
Those street lights shining below there..Looks like diamond!
It's really beautiful..Thanks dear..:D

Then we go pak to under a pondok and across the love bridge

Err..may be my imagination too good already..haha..

Tada~~I'm making my birthday wish in this picture~
Hehe~He did sing a birthday song for me..:)
Thanks Dear..

Tada~he's making his birthday wish in this picture~
Actually it's our birthday celebration..
.Me and him.

It's really a special birthday for me Bii..
Thank You
I hope you enjoy it..
And sorry for my plan..=.= really sucks..T^T
Make u can't rest well..
Pai seh..

Two more days you're leaving to US..
I will wait you to come back..
121 days..:D
It's our promise..
I won't let you go
I'll miss you always..

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