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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

There's a Love called--Let go

Someone did told me before, if you really do love someone, you're not going to own that person, you will let him go, to chase for his happiness, to achieve a better life. Someone did told me before, I should learn to grown up, to be mature. I was so childish last time...Before I know you, before you step into my life.
The feel is fading, but I still caring. There're many types of Love. Love for friend, Love for your family, Love for the one who special to you...
I just want to care, as a friend..

There's nothing I can do, nothing I can ask..
I will let you go, with my best wishes for you...
Remember to take goodcare of yourselve..
If you need help, I am here for you.

May be...There are many may be will happen in our life..
Relationship was just like gamble, no one's know who's the winner nor loser..
Relationship was just like a Pandora treasure box, good? bad?
No one's will know the answer unless it happened..

I just hope can have a simple relationship, a stable one..
A normal life...No more complicated..
No matter how long is the period, I willing to wait..
Worth or not? I'm the one who decide it..

Just felt a little bit tired, and a little bit emo..
Hope I can rest for awhile,
Hope there's someone who can support me,
Cheer me up, hug me tight..
Protect me..

I need you...

Here's a song..
For my past..:)

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