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Monday, May 9, 2011

Last Semester!

9th of May

Today, my college re-open for my last semester

Time to study but I still in Holiday Mood..

This early morning I should attent my 1st class one..But too bad..When my alarm is ringing, I turn to the other side...Yea..My dear is still sleeping..xD Hahas..Then I off my alarm..And sleep back..=3=

The first day..Me and her...Skip class together...


This only call as Jie Mui ma..

I woke around 1pm, then I saw my bii text me..In class?=3= yer...

Sei lorr...So pai seh lo...I so lazy..xD

But I will go college tomorrow la..:) Will study hard from now..:)

Today, I very hardworking to clean up the house..x)

I clean up my table, wash the toilet..x)

Our room and living room is clean as well...xD

Last semester for my Diploma..

I will study hard..

And continue my study in TARC as well..

Taking Advance Diploma and Degree..

Praying for this sem won't happen anything that make me crazy...Assignment can get higher score~ Won't get bully by people..

Two more days to get my result..=.=

Hope I can get an A this time la..><

CGPA up up pls..><''


What a day...

I dunno what had I done today..=.= Seems like doing nothing only..

Time for me to diet..I wan become slim slim and sexy..:D

Next Friday!!

I waiting the day~:)

Our day~


Ryuu said...

sounds old already ~
nvm , hope u enjoy ur sem .
gambateh ~

Mun Mun said...

Thanks Ryuu..:)